Lafayette Theater Shooter – John Russell Houser – Are We All To Blame?

Lafayette Theater Shooter –  John Russell Houser – Are We All To Blame?

There is a lot of news around the man, John Russell Houser, who has been identified to be the man who opened fire with a semi-automatic handgun during a Movie Theater showing of the new film Train Wreck.

It is to me, quite fascinating to look at this man’s thought process as his mind corroded into the last stages of being insane enough to do the horrible, unthinkable things he did in his last moments on this earth.

It is amazing how we as a society, stood around and watched this entire tragedy come to a head. We all watched as John Russell Houser fell ill enough to try to kill a bunch of innocent people, before taking his own life.

We now, stand united, in acting astonished, appalled, even confused, as we all act like we are searching for some super-elusive answers.

Through the internet, we can put together this man’s profile, and look for clues about why he would do something so horrible, and why we all stood around, watched him decay, and then now, claim that we’re astonished, horrified, and deeply concerned for the victims.

What complete bullshit, and we suck as a society who condemns and judges people who are sick and need help.

Even when they cry out loud for help, we poke fun, point fingers, and enable or ignore the inevitable.

Then, when mentally ill people lose control and explode, and commit crimes, we all look at each other and say, “I knew he was weird” or “He showed traits of a madman” and “I knew there was something wrong with that guy”.

But what did anyone do about it.e


in fact, when I looked at all Houser’s posts, each one caught nothing but sarcastic replies, and condescending remarks from his peers. There was not a single sincere response to anything he ever said on the Internet.

Hauser was obviously having a difficult time connecting with other like-minded people and it showed through in his off-base comments that lacked specificity and more mirrored his scattered thought process.

The members at sounded more like middle school kids rather than adults claiming to enjoy political discussions. One post resulted in another member telling Hauser to “try walking out into traffic so you can find what you,re looking for”

We, as a society today, do not reach out to help those who are sick with mental illness, we instead repel, mock, and separate ourselves from them. We judge them, brag of our own superiority to theirs, and do everything that is mildly convenient to break them down further, expose them for what they are.

We separate ourselves from the mentally ill through legal means, restraining orders, and do everything in our power to project ourselves as the one responsible for the discovering another person as being ill.,

I found his twitter account and took a screen shot of his only two tweets from July 2015:

Lafaayette Movie Theater Shooting Suspect John Russell Houser's Twitter Account

Lafaayette Movie Theater Shooting Suspect John Russell Houser’s Twitter Account

I can imagine Houser creating this account, making a couple of Tweets, and not getting the instant gratification of knowing that anyone else saw, or read what he had written. Maybe this is why he abandoned the Twitter account after July 2013 and focused on other more direct response platforms like LinkedIn, Community Forums, and direct commenting on other high traffic websites.

It is clear by his writings that he saw himself as an outsider, and thought that he viewed the world differently than most other people.

I can relate to this perspective, but consider it as a blessing.

I get the feeling that Houser’s skewed perspective was a growing burden to this man, possibly even a growing curse that added to his declining mental health.

It appears that John Russell Houser was the owner of several Bar/Nightclub Establishments in Georgia back in the day, and he frequented a radio show as a featured guest who called out politicians, and political controversy, corruption, and conspiracies.

The typical talk show jargon we are used to hearing. It is obvious this man grew more mentally ill as time passed.

Houser got arrested for vandalism (which was a cry for help), and was involuntarily committed to a mental health facility,

He had restraining orders filed against him by his Wife, and his own Daughter.

Houser’s application for a permit to carry a concealed weapon was denied due to his mental health history.

Can we please start to forward any Concealed Carry Permit Applications that get denied due to documented mental illnesses, over to a mental health provider who can follow up?

We need to assign some agency that can check and see why this mentally ill person is filing for a permit to carry concealed weapons when they are fully aware of the conflicting interest.

It is a huge cry for help and now a pattern for many mass-shooters to apply for these permits after being classified as mentally ill.

It is not an example for better gun laws, it is an example for better health care laws, and an obvious need for our society to get a new perspective for those who have these diseases.

What more did this guy have to do to let everyone know that he was sick, needed treatment, and was absolutely a ticking time-bomb.

We as a society should be ashamed, and we should take responsibility for these deaths. We let this man walk around for over a decade being paranoid and acting out on his obvious condition – no one gave two shits.

Take a look at this evidence of how we responded to JRH as a society, and within communities that claim to be a fair and caring platforms for debate, thought and idea sharing. In every example, we just told this guy to run out into traffic and that he was a worthless idiot:

Maybe something else will arise to give us insight but I have a feeling this was a pointless crime that will forever have an effect on the innocent families and friends of those who were killed and injured in that theater.

Society will tell us all to forget this guy JRH, and remember the great people who lost their lives, sacrificed themselves to save others, and those who made selfless efforts doing great things for the World and were taken early.

While I agree the victims need our support, and they will indeed get support, the ongoing crime here is that after all of the signs this man left to communicate and to prove that he had a mental illness, he received no help, no compassion, no one would give him the time of day.

Only now, after his suicidal massacre, do we as a society act like we are so compassionate and astonished that this has happened. We blame gun laws, and a deranged killer, for a crime that we could have prevented if mental illness was treated as a sickness and not as some sort of self-inflicted status that shouldn’t be tolerated.

What the fuck is wrong with everyone, to live and think like this?

This is a perspective that is sick in itself, more damaging and more manifesting, than anything this one man has done.

Let his crime, his tragic circumstances, and subsequent criminal actions, be a very high-cost lesson to us all.

Let us now remain more aware as to the well being of others before it is too late. Let us now listen to each other, ask each other questions, and to deeply care about the answers.

The desperate cries for help, lie hidden in these “answers” that others give us on a daily basis.

People will let you know if they are hurting, but we have to have  a sense of awareness instead of just acting astonished after someone who was sick commits horrible crimes.

John Russell Houser was sick, with a disease, a treatable disease.

His friends, neighbors, and even his Family Members, talk about him as if he was some sort of freak, and make every attempt to separate themselves from anything at all to do with him.

I hear words spoken in interviews like; “Scary, weird, a little off, strange, dangerous, paranoid”,. These are the words used by friends, neighbors, and family members to describe this man.

No compassion, no concern, no mention of efforts to help him, only to isolate him, restrain him, separate him, condemn him, commit him, etc.

Then the same people act astonished that he did not cure himself, and that he did not miraculously heal, and then shot a bunch of people. What the fuck do you think happens to those who go untreated, excommunicated, brushed aside, patronized….If you are on the news talking about john Russel Houser as being a strange man who spoke strange things to you on a daily basis, you should go to prison for being an accomplice to murder or for failure to take responsibility for an easily foreseen crime.

No one has said how sad it is that this man, in spite of every effort to tell the world he was sick, got no help and was only arrested, committed, restrained etc.

Something to think about. JRH was a Father, Son, and a Husband, who died alone, probably scared, most likely in an insane state of mind, and very, very sick.

This should not happen, TO ANYONE, we need to help the mentally ill before things like this manifest.

Please for a moment, take your face out of your texting app, and with a respectable amount of awareness and compassion, look out for one another.

This will make the world better, and prevent unnecessary crimes, deaths, and tragedies.

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