Use Thorium LIFT Nuclear Technology to Save The Planet… Oh, and Cure Cancer too.

Use Thorium LIFT Nuclear Technology to Save The Planet… Oh, and Cure Cancer too.

Imagine solving all of our energy problems. All of them.

Then imagine if we solved the Planets energy issues in such a way that there was no more need, at all, for any of the current energy sources we are using.

No more need for fossil fuels like oil, coal, natural gas. No more need for renewable energies like Solar, Wind, or Hydro…

No more need to mine, drill, fracture, clear-cut, refine, burn, none of it.

What if there was a safe way to cut all of these, using a safe, carbon emissions-free technology, which we already invented back in the 1940s.

A technology we also buried because it could not be used to make bombs which was our priority then. Remember the Manhattan Project?

Well, there is no need to imagine this scenario because it is a reality, and some of the worlds smartest people in the world are fighting very hard to get you on board.

What is this miracle technology?

The answer is Thorium and LIFT or LFTRs. Thorium, when using LFTRs is safe, efficient, and there is an endless supply of it, literally.

There are many source you can find about this technology, but to save you some time, a YouTuber – Free Documentaries has taken the best of the best, news, footage, and content about Thorium LIFT Technology and put it into a 1 hour and 45 min video.

Please  consider watching it for yourself and make up your own mind. I have chosen to promote this film and be an advocate for the use of Thorium LIFT Technology.

Our civilization can use LIFT to save the planet, so we can get back to all the cool, fun shit, we used to spend our time doing before we realized we were ruining the planet.

Kirk Sorensen, the worlds biggest advocate for Thorium-based Energy, often speaks about his friend, Jim, who owns a rare earth mine in Missouri, USA – right here in America.

Sorensen describes his friends mine as “a nice mine, maybe slightly better than the average rare earth mine, but nothing special really”.

When Sorensen asked his friend Jim, how much Thorium he might come across during a normal mining year, Jim replied, “about 5000 Tons.

5000 Tons is a normal amount of Thorium to come from the average rare earth mine in Missouri. The current process for Thorium yielded from mining other more valuable rare earth minerals is to dispose of it, it is harmless in this state.

Well, 5000 Tons of Thorium is enough to safely supply the entire planet with energy for an entire year and with no adverse effects to our environment.

If this doesn’t get the hair on your neck to stand up, you may just be dead. Also, consider Obahma

Other resources for Thorium and LIFT:

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