Some Crop Circles Not a Hoax – Overwhelming Scientific Evidence


Crop Circles depicting complex planetary phase events of which were not yet a part of human knowledge.

This article is an effort by the author to bring documented scientific evidence including reports, research analysis, and group eye witness testimony to light, that disproves reports and theories, by scientists and physics research publication authors, which claim that all Crop Circles are/have been created by Hoax Artists, Circle Fakers, and even Drunken Pub Mates using Board and Rope Stomping Devices, Microwave Emitters, and GPS Laser Transit Devices.

After watching and listening to 40 plus hours of Video and Audio, and then reading over 100 published written works, I have come to the conclusion that some crop circles are not a hoax, and there is no evidence to support the theory of humans being responsible for creating a majority of the more geometrically-complex circles appearing between 1960 to July of 2015.

After significant study by researchers, scientist, and physicists, many of the larger and more complex crop circles have been found to contain shapes, patterns, and sequences, which are directly related to, or correctly interpret, specific and complex Solar/Lunar Phase Events, Intergalactic, and extra-galactic Planetary Phases and other Complex Physics Theory Interpolations.

This would be impossible for humans to accomplish via mechanical and/or electrical methods considering the time, place, and circumstances. This is true for an overwhelming amount of discovered circles in the past 40 years. So, what say you science world? supernatural world? conspiracy world?

When complex circles appear which is now almost daily, the documented elapsed time from when the fields have been confirmed clear of circles, to the time the circles are confirmed to be in existence, and considering the level of knowledge, skill, planning, and complex tool-set needed by a person to orchestrate a team to create the circles is mathmatically and logically impossible.

The best example of a well funded effort to prove otherwise was done somewhat recently by National Geographic in 2009. I saw this on TV when it originally aired and as a result, was personally convinced that all crop circles were done by Circle Fakers – Hoax Artists.

It was not until I decided to look further into the NatGeo effort, that I discovered how bias the show was, and how much evidence was ignored or excluded from the final cut of the TV production.
National Geo hired an expert team of Circle Hoaxsters to create a seemingly “complex” crop circle at night via board and rope method in under 4 hours.
This circle was completed but was not as complex as the show depicted, it also contained massive evidence of human interaction like muddy foot prints and was geometrically imperfect from the air.

The circle was actually just 1/30th the size of other geometrically-perfect circles recently discovered in the area, all of which had zero evidence of human interaction, and some of which had confirmed scientific evidence of Microwave-induced Wheat Stalk Node Deformation (source: Physiologia Planatarium – Anatomical anomalies in crop formation plants) .
The Nat Geo Show was clearly made to create viewer ratings by making false claims to debunct any theories of anything other than humans as the creators of all circles.

The amount of evidence ignored by the media, scientists, and physics publications is astronomical, lets take a look for ourselves.

Here is a link to the most comprehensive report regarding evidence presented formally by the scientific community, and which disproves theories of crop circles being created by human hoax artists.

Hard factual evidence for three paranormal crop circles: could Michio Kaku, Richard Taylor and Physics World all be advocating an incorrect theory?

Some of the circles depicted in the report were found to representative of very complex planet phase and lunar phase events not known to any human at the time the circle was discovered let alone being known by anyone who was present in these scarcely populated rural areas.

The report also offers interpretations of some of the more complex geometric shapes and their connection to highly complex inter-planetary events, in comprehensive detail, and stunning blueprint accuracy.

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