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The “Secret Stock Calendar”

The Secret Stock Calendar is part of several product bundles created by Sean Hyman and is widely advertised on The Rush Limbaugh Show (EIB Network) as well as the Glenn Beck Show (Blaze Network). Hyman is a fairly famous TV personality seen on CNN, Bloomberg doing financial news and analysis. Sean Hyman in my opinion... Read More »

“Magazine Money Code” How I Stole 22,657 Customers from Warrior Forum Guy BKA “Piggyback Mack”

I saw this guy who calls himself “Mack” in a magazine ad, he was standing in front of a big house with his wife and little boy. He was holding one of those hilarious giant checks ($7,960.00). He said anyone could do his formula called the “6 figure goldmine”. All I had to do according... Read More »

Sean Hyman’s ‘Biblical Money Code’ – Not a Con, But a Marketing Phenomenon

Wow, the Biblical Money Code from Sean Hyman has gone viral in an epic way on the Internet. He must be spending $30 million dollars a month on the current marketing campaign which consists of banner advertisements, video spots, and radio... Read More »

Moneymakerspy Review: Sean Hyman’s “ABSOLUTE PROFITS” Scam or Score?

Updated 4/23/2014 – The primary reason I don’t recommend Absolute Profits or the Secret Stock Calendar from Sean Hyman is due to feedback from the readers here. There are however some other products that have produced some very good feedback which we will cover in just a moment. Please realize that these products, The Secret... Read More »

The “Biblical Money Code”

Sean Hyman’s “Biblical Money Code” is a Financial Investment Methodology Training Product recently gone viral due to being advertised nationally on the Internet, Radio, in print, and most likely on television. The Biblical Money Code has literally millions of dollars being spent on its marketing campaign daily, as a result Sean Hyman’s  Biblical Money Code... Read More »

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