Small Business Opportunities

Small Business Opportunities, Mack’s Method, is the latest from from a huge marketing campaign thats spending $30,000 bi-monthly in print ad marketing to generate traffic in a somewhat curious manner.

The magazine I am holding up in the photo is “Small Business Opportunities” and is published bi-monthly.

It sells for about $5.00 at is filled with ads for business opportunities.

Its readership consists mostly of 30 somethings to 50 somethings looking to start a business, and more importantly, people who are, by in large part, wanting to start a website in the next 60 days.

For more on these demographics go to the website

Anyway, to advertise in SBO Magazine, it costs about $11,000 for a full page ad. Small Business Opportunities Magazine has a readership of 575,000, with each copy being read by 2.3 people. So figure that about 1.5 million readers see each issue.

For an $11K full page print ad, 1.5 million possible views is a good value if your advertisement has a large-print, easy-to-remember URL, which leads to a single landing (squeeze) page, promotes a $40 product, has major up-sells, and monthly billing recurrence, right?

I guess so, because “Mack” of “Mack’s System”,,, and, has in the last 3 issues, gone from one single half-page add for $5000, to 3 full-page ads and 2 half-page ads. That’s about $30,000 a month for print-ads in one magazine.

Most of the ads in SBO magazine are about business opportunities on the web, and send the reader to a landing/squeeze page on the Internet. Some are just a means to build opt-in lists, most sell a system or product from entities like the Empowered Network, and usually contain up-sells. Sixfiguregoldmine forces an email opt-in, then sells membership to the Empowered Network, and finally pushes a hard sell on the GVO Autoresponder Service & PureLeverage Marketing Package (owned by “Mack’s” good friend: Joel Therien).

The thing is, except for the few single landing pages, that the print ads lead you to, there is no other content on the web from the owners of these highly-funded marketing campaigns which drive TONS of traffic to these URLs.

So what you say?

Well, the hidden gem here, is that almost 50% of the 1.5 million people who read these ads, and remember the URL in the ad, and those folks who immediately go to their computers after reading the ad, TYPE THE DOMAIN NAMES (URL Addresses) INTO THE GOOGLE SEARCH BOX and NOT INTO THE BROWSER’S ADDRESS BAR!.

SO, Mr “Mack”, and his protege, Shay Bishop and many others, spend $30,000 a month, sending up to 1.5 million people to single landing page. Half of which, never get to the intended page because 750,000 of the readers  type the advertised URL into the Google Search Box, and end up here!

Get it?

The greatest part of all of this, is that “Mack”, Shay Bishop, Darren Rowse, Pat Flynn, Mike Filsame, and all the other mega-successful Bloggers and Marketer don’t seem to care enough about this method of piggy-back marketing to ever mention it to their readers, or as far as I can tell, even try to utilize this method themselves.

Am I actually the first to expose something this big in the Free Organic Traffic game? Probably not, but I am the first as far as I can tell, to consistently get the information out to my readership, in spite of the fact it will reduce my own market-share.

This is a risk I feel is worth taking due to the fact that I believe in building my readership, and it’s loyalty, by practicing full-disclosure. Even if it takes revenue out of my own pocket in the short term, the long term effects of many long-term business relationships built on trust and integrity is far more valuable to all of us.

This is a niche method that could make many people very wealthy. Anyone with a lick of marketing intelligence will see this very clearly, in spite of my awkward and scattered explanation of it.

SBO magazine advertise literally thousands of these URLs every month and all one needs to do is write about them and the products promoted behind them. There is enough URL-Keyword content in one monthly issue of one magazine to keep a blogger busy for two years, all for $5.

Please, please, please share this info, subscribe to this Blog, send feedback and comment, so I can keep on keepin’ on here at – Moneymakerspy

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