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“Cowspiricy” – Dissecting Shocking Claims Before Going Completely Vegan



I am a bandwagon jumper, but I am an open-minded, educated bandwagon jumper, who follows up and does adequate due diligence before making a long-term commitment.

So I watched Cowspiracy, and loved it, mainly due to unique content which I had not heard or seen before.

The documentary was good enough for me to consider, for at least 24 hours, becoming a vegan in order to save the planet.

According to the movie, everyone must go Vegan if the planet is to survive.


Big Australian Banks Suppress Bitcoin Progress by Closing Accounts

Bitcoin Technology Faces Pushback from Big Banking in Austrailia

Bitcoin Technology Faces Pushback from Big Banking in Austrailia

The Australian Financial Review reported that 17 Bitcoin-related companies have received letters of Warning that their Banking Services may be disrupted, or terminated all together. 13 of those companies have already seen their Banking Services Terminated and some say this is an effort by the Australian Banking Industry to suppress Bitcoin Companies from becoming future competitors.

The whole situation is ironic as one might speculate that Bitcoin Companies, those that deal with investing and storing of cryptocurrency, should not need Banks at all.

Also, if big Banking Companies see a particular company or technology that is a potential threat to them, they can at least stifle the progress of that company by terminating any offered banking-related services to that company which may be exactly what is happening now in Australia.


There are laws in place that prevent Banks from refusing services for discriminatory reasons, but Australia’s Banks are claiming any actions they have taken were legal in spite of not giving clear explanation to those being denied services.

Are Banks Illegally Eliminating Future Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Competition? reported that Labor Senator Sam Dastyari, who chaired the Senate Economics References Committee into digital currency, said he was concerned by the banks’ actions and there appeared to be no clear justification for suddenly closing accounts.

“I am concerned that there is an allegation that Australian banks are deliberately choking small businesses, while setting themselves up to offer the same services,” Senator Dastyari said.

“We don’t have a four-pillars policy to allow banks to guillotine emerging industries they are competing with … These small local digital currency companies are essentially competing to provide trading platforms, and develop emerging technologies.”

More from the story by Paul Smith:


Bitcoin Faces Next Hurdle in Race to Scale Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin faces next hurdle to scale into sustainable cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin faces next hurdle to scale into sustainable cryptocurrency.

There is a huge opportunity for Bitcoin Developers to prove their beloved Bitcoin (and Cryptocurrency in general) as being a scale-able digital currency and transaction network.

Bitcoin has been described by some advocates as being the single most important advancement in technology that supports a decentralized economy culture.

A decision regarding bitcoin block-size will determine how Bitcoin will overcome issues related to how to scale up the model and become a sustainable solution as a cryptocurrency.


The Key to Stopping Killers From Exploiting Social Media

Deep. Dark, Secrets of the Internet - Killer Exploiting Social Media

Deep. Dark, Secrets of the Internet

The key to stopping killers from exploiting social media may be to stop everyone from using social media to exploit these mentally ill individuals before they kill anyone in the first place.

There may be value in looking hard at ourselves as a society, and learning how to address the early signs of mentally ill people headed for catastrophic circumstances (that usually show up on these same social media platforms), and doing so with sincerity, concern, and empathy.

In almost every public, mass-killing case (i.e., John Russell Hauser – Louisiana Theater Gunman) the killers used social media before their murderous crimes to express their ideals, problems, and even blatant cries for help, before they pulled the trigger.

We as a society, IN EVERY CASE, chose a response in which we mocked, humiliated, and further separated ourselves from these already introverted personality types. What I found when I retraced the steps of known mass-killing suspects is shocking and disgusting.


How to Hedge Your Retirement Against Financial Collapse – Self-Reliance Series

On a planet with an inherently unstable and fragile financial system, where governments around the world are slashing pensions and central banks are inflat

Source: How to Hedge Your Retirement Against Financial Collapse – Walden Labs

The Online Gambling Pro – Becoming an Advantage Player: No Limit Texas Holdem Poker – pt.4


Americas Cardroom WSOP Packages

Americas Cardroom WSOP Packages

Welcome to Part 4 of The Online Gambling Pro – Becoming an Advantage Player in No Limit Texas Holdem Poker.

I have been playing both Live Poker and Online poker almost daily for about 3 years now.

I had never really played any competitive Poker before this challenge of trying to becoming an Advantage Player.

An advantage Player is someone who, in the eyes of industry experts (usually Casino Security) has a distinct advantage against the house in any Casino Game due to an extraordinary level of skill and/or knowledge.

Once you are “tagged” as an Advantage Player in any Table, Card or Video Game, and depending on your Social or Economic Status, you can expect one of several very specific courses of action to occur when entering a Casino which can be any of the following:


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Rockhounding – Asheville, North Carolina for Gold, Gems, Rocks and Minerals

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