Online Poker – Winning Free-roll Strategy for America’s Card Room

Online Poker – Winning Free-roll Strategy for America’s Card Room

Online Poker Freeroll Strategies on America's Cardroom

Online Poker Freeroll Strategies on America’s Cardroom

One very difficult accomplishment in online poker, is creating a winning strategy for winning free-rolls and other micro-stakes multi-table tournaments. Free-rolls run about every 45 minutes at Americas Card Room (ACR) and these are pretty tough tournaments to make the final table let alone to win one.

Expect 300 to 800 players for these free-rolls and every table will have players with a wide spectrum of skillets, this is what makes it so difficult win with any particular strategy.

When you have pocket aces and go all in, you may have 5 other players going all in with you, none of which have hands better than jack-nine off-suit. 4 out of 5 times someone is going to suck-out on you with a set (3-of-a-kind), a flush, or a straight. These situations must be avoided at all costs unless you are the deep stack and can bully the table.

Americas Card Room is one of the few online poker sites that accepts deposits from US players. ACR is a non-regulated poker site that is rake-based but has proven to be very trustworthy regarding deposit transaction success for US-based players, as well as for quick cash outs with multiple payout options including Bitcoin.

In this post I will turn you on to a winning online poker free-roll strategy for Americas Card Room specifically, one that will have you at several final tables in no time at all should you possess the discipline it takes to implement this strategy of patience and calculated risk taking.

This will be a multi-part series with a video finally in part 4 which will have you with me table-side for several runs at the free-roll prize pool.

Tomorrow I will walk you through the first phase of the tournament where the goal will be to survive the opening bell mayhem while you quietly triple your chip stack. Until then, good luck at the tables.

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