Today, online business is War. Plain and simple.

You absolutely must view it as such, because if you don’t, you will fail.

To be successful in any online business business today ( and make shit loads of money) you must fight, with all your mite, everyday, like it is your last day on earth.

The alternative is to be a failure, as this is eminent if you do not fight like a champion.

Every aspect of business as we used to know it has changed largely due to the Internet and advancements in technology. People behave differently now compared to when you were a kid, or even 2 years ago.

The number one growing demographic on Facebook today is grandparents, and you would be hard pressed to find a 13 year old girl anywhere near Facebook.

Grandparents today are doing things that people half their age were doing just 5 years ago.

We are acting younger, adopting younger behaviors, and while the opposite may seem true,everything is also being simplified.

5 years ago, 48 year old women were not taking selfies and posting them on Instagram or SnapChat yet this is the number one demographic today of selfie posting Instagramers.

We are no longer calling people on the phone or even writing emails for that matter, we instead use text because its fast, simple, and more efficient.

These behavior changes cause a ripple effect and massive change within all things related to the Internet, the economy, business, marketing, and how each individual person makes their living. Most importantly, these evolutionary advancements in human behavior change the way people learn, the way they listen, how they share information, which effects the way people choose to spend their money.

Hands down the number one thing you need to be able to make money online, or to sell any product or service, is the ability to get someones attention.
This is increasingly harder everyday as trends become well known and marketers flood email and social channels.

the second thing you need to be able to accomplish is to convince people that what you are offering is of high value to them.

The easiest way to do this in today’s economic climate is to save them time. Even if you are not in the time or convenience business, you need to find a way indirectly relate your brand or product with the saving of time. Take Uber for example, the taxi compaqny that is sweeping the nation.

Uber does not sell cab rides, they sell time back to people. It is quicker and easier to click the Uber App button while whizzing in the Bar urnal at 2 AM than it is to stand out in the cold trying to hail a cab.

Now the last thing you will need is an understanding that just because you are smart does not mean you will be successful.

If you are working hard, but see other people doing similar things and having more success than you, there is a real good chance that you are just being out-hustled.

Being smart or having “mad skills” has little or no value anymore, so get over it.
Sorry to say it, and it is hard to admit it, but before you close the browser window because you think that what I just said is preposterous, take it from Gary Vaynerchuk who says “Enormous Talent is not Enough, You’re Being Out Hustled!”

Less educated, less intelligent, less experienced, less cool, even more idiot-like people, are experiencing success, on a much larger level than you, and most of your friends, colleagues, & co-workers.

Gary Vaynerchuk also said in A Hustler’s Mentality and in not so many words that “smart people are fucked”, and I believe this to be true.

Hustling is putting every minute and all your effort into achieving the goal at hand.

Every minute needs to count. There is so much hustle in my day I don’t even have a second to spare to “hang out” and catch up with the people around me.

It may not be ideal for most, but it’s what I’ve signed up for, it’s what I love, and it’s what allows me to get the things done that I seek to accomplish – Gary Vaynerchuk

He said that less-intelligent, less educated, less experienced people, with less resources, less capital, less knowledge, were beginning to rule the Internet, small online business, and soon, most of the world.

These less-everything folks will be accompanied by a few smart entrepreneurs who “get it before it is too late” and realize they need to step up to the pump and learn some good ole fashioned hard work or as he puts it “Hustle”

Don’t take my word for it, take Gary’s that “Smarter is not enough anymore, your education and even specific knowledge does not mean shit anymore, really!

Any 17 year old can go to iTunes and consume an entire semester of lectures from MIT, YALE, or Harvard, and all for free. In fact more than 13 million less educated people have already completed ALL of the MIT lectures in their spare time or while jogging, driving, shopping etc.

It is things like the dual-purposing of ones time, such as listening to educational podcasts while doing required chores and tasks, and then tweeting about it when done, that make less-smart people better, richer, and more successful than you.

If you wonder why someone else, who may be less intelligent and less educated than you, is way more successful than you, just remember that you are simply being out-hustled, period.

The less educated competitor is getting up earlier, staying up later, writing more ads, doing more A/B testing, spending more time interacting with customers, doing more research, raising more capital and listening or producing more podcasts than you are.

Being smart, knowing people, and having shit-loads of real-world experience just does not have the value needed to be successful today’s volatile economic climate.

Things today are super-fast paced, simplistic, value-based and all the cover-up pretty comforting bullshit is completely useless and no one even cares where you went to school, what you invented, designed, or founded.

This is so hard to swallow for so many and I see it everyday from readers and people who email me with issues trying to run online businesses.

They wonder what it is that Joe Blow is doing to make sick bank online and all while making it look so easy…

Joe is selling an inferior product to theirs, has a shitty website (compared to theirs), has half the marketing budget, half the traffic, half the knowledge, half the skill, yet he is crushing it. How the hell is Joe doing it?

Well, compared to Joe, you are a lazy piece of shit. If your working 80 hours a week, Joe is working 100. That’s it.

I have to tell people three or four times, each in a different way, until they get it, “Joe is kicking your ass by out-hustling you, out working you, out bidding you, writing more, tweeting more, Pinning more, filming more, editing more, talking more, hosting more, giving more, taking more, selling more, buying more, and finally, making more money than you”.

For me, this is a great thing as I have always been an early adopter of new technologies, new methodologies, and I can usually do anything longer, better, faster, than the average guy.

Also, for me, staying up for a week implementing a new technology to help grow my personal businesses a decade before it is accepted as a best practice on a larger scale, is the norm for me.

This is the the only reason I have a chance in hell making any money online, getting a head start, and hustle enough to out-do those with more brains and more money than I have.

Now being ahead of your time, or at least ahead of the crowd is both good and bad. Being too far ahead of your time can be just as costly as being just a bit too late. I am hopelessly ahead of my time by exactly 11 years when it comes to life-changing ideas and jackpot businesses or ideas.

In June 1998 I called my lawyer to tell him that our Class Reunion Website Idea was just not making the cut in spite of a great amount of marketing and hi-tech development. 11 years later and became one of the worlds most profitable websites in existence. I passed up the domain name in the early 90s because I thought it sounded too much like a gay porn site.

The same 11 year cycle is true for my Genealogy/Family Tree Website which is now known as, and I can never forget the day my boss had those three young guys from a company called LiveHelp kicked out of our conference room because they lacked “something of tangible value” – they were bought out the next day and became Ask Jeeves (now

I could go on and on like the day I sold my Swimming Pool Service Fleet Tracking Software & Hardware Platform with remote bar-code scanner technology to a company I found out later was owned by UPS. Ever sign one of those hand-held scanner devices with the stylus when a UPS or FedEx delivery person comes to your door?

Yep, that would be me, I created the early version of the technology when I was trying to keep track of my pool-cleaning company’s pot-head employees, who were meeting every morning in the park to burn a couple bowls before the their first cleaning stops.

I put bar-coded labels on all of the pool pump timers and had the guys scan each bar-code when they arrived on-site, before cleaning each pool.

This triggered a series of questions to input the answers to on the handheld Radio Frequency Device such as:

What is the PH of the Pool Water?,

What is the Alkalinity?

Did you clean the filter and empty the skimmer?

They would then scan the bar-code again when they were done cleaning the pool and leaving the property. All the data was kept on the hand-held as well as synced via Radio Frequency to black-box in the truck. I could suck all the data out from each truck with a Palm VII PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) which was the newest “connected” technology at the time.

This was actually groundbreaking stuff back then and great for trying to optimize company efficiency using field data that was once untouchable.

I knew just how long each task took each person to complete, how long it took to drive to the next customer, how long each person took for lunch etc.

The guys hated it, and hated me for developing it, although these feelings were short lived for what are now very obvious reasons.

I sold this software and hardware package only after my guys found a way to beat my system.

It took about three months for me to figure out how they could all be so efficient, and how they were all so consistent, almost perfect they were, all of them?

It did not make sence, bunch of weed smokin’ fools can’t be so perfect at anything I thought (not to demean pot smokin’ fools – I was one for many years)

Well, they did the only thing they could think of to get around having to be so punctual. They removed each label from each house and put all of the labels on either the dashboard of the truck or a clip board.

Now, they could sit in the park, smoke, and scan the occasional scan and answer at will, a bar-code, check a few boxes, all at their leisure, anywhere, anytime. I guess the point here is that I never stopped, never slept, always fighting to be the best and out-work my competitors.

I made fearless decisions, and never fell in love with any one idea or methodology. I used the small scale and flexibility of the entrepreneur’s small business to my advantage knew if I could grab a very small market-share from the bigger businesses I was competing with, I could make those customers happier with more attention and personalized service.

Gary Vaynerchuk Interview on Sales and the Hustle

I did not have a board of directors or a corporate policy to comply with. If a pool service customer told me of his issues with a roof-based AC unit, I immediately made him aware that “I have a guy” we can call to get on this right now. The bigger AC repair service company had a 4 – 6 hour turnaround on emergency service calls and charge $150 to show up.

I would get a guy (any guy) on site in less than 30 minutes for a free estimate. Without ever repairing a commercial AC unit before in my life, I would make 50% on the bill that I would mark up 100% and they were glad to pay it because they got super fast personalized service.

I stayed all day to oversee the operation and the manager of the Hotel was able to take his mistress to lunch after all.

When I was done, instead of rescheduling all my afternoon appointments, I worked late and did them all after the AC repair job and got home at midnight.

I was exhausted, but well paid, and there was no other guy over there doing what I was doing and making more than me.

I was not confused as to why others were ahead of me in their success, just as I am not confused about that now, nor should you be.

Allow your ego to put your smarts on the shelf for a couple weeks, and just hustle, hustle, hustle. Kick some major fucking ass, instead of taking names, shove them up your competitors ass, figuratively.

You will feel good, and be well paid, I guarantee it. – Moneymakerspy


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