Gun Tracking is Here to Stay – The Data However is Up For Debate

Gun Tracking is Here to Stay – The Data However is Up For Debate

Companies are now making electronic gun tracking devices that collect, store. and transmit gun telemetry data. Telemetry is an automated communications process by which measurements and other data are collected at remote or inaccessible points (like a law enforcement officer’s handgun or SWAT Team Member’s assault rifle) and then stored/transmitted to receiving equipment (i.e., at a police station) for monitoring.

The electronic tracking of gun telemetry data is under much debate, but there is no real issue to be debated.

 Gun tracking technology is here, it will be used, and there is no stopping it.
It is this very debate however that scares me because while the topic of Gun Tracking is being promoted heavily by the mainstream media, it is a mere distraction from the real issues we face as Americans with rights under the constitution. Meanwhile potential real threats to the Privacy of Personalized Data is underway with tremendous force from extremist activists with gun control agendas.
Don’t be fooled, and if guns and personal privacy are important to you, you are better to put your energy into what’s truly important instead of debating something that is inevitable.

The Yardarm Gun Telematics Tracking Device is a tiny micro-tracker placed in the handle or grip of a handgun or rifle.

The data collected by its sensors can track where a gun is located geographically, when a gun is fired, how many rounds are fired, which way the firearm is/was pointing, and even if a gun has been drawn from the holster.

Let’s break it down, find the real issues for debate, and extinguish any smoke and mirror tactics brought upon by partisan groups with agendas that threaten the constitutional rights of American citizens. Some call these groups “The silent enemy” others call them “Mainstream Media” or “Fear Mongering Extremist Terrorists”.
Whatever you call these groups there is no denying that they are good at creating smoke and mirrors. They (in the form of mainstream media) will present seemingly important issues surrounding Gun Tracking Technology wrapped up in packages disguised as news. i.e., Gun Tracking and How it will Help Law Enforcement, How Gun Tracking will Help Solve Crimes, Gun Tracking and How it will Hurt Law Enforcement, Gun Tracking and How it Can Get You in Trouble etc. etc etc.
These are not however debatable issues and all are worthless discussions. Tracking is here and the mentioned issues are all true to some extent, but they are not worth debating as you ignore the real issues and as your rights are pulled from underneath your very eyes. 
Mainstream Media will have everyone debating the mere existence of Gun Tracking Devices, when it is completely irrelevant to debate such a thing. A majority of people will participate in the worthless debates taking away strength from those who clearly see the smoldering ember of evil that lurks just below the surface of the seemingly good natured, common sense Gun Control movement.
As a person who values their constitutional rights, you must not get caught up in putting your energy into social debates that we have zero control over, like technology and whether we need a particular technology or not.
You can not stop technology, especially when that technology involves collecting of data.
If a technology is possible, someone will create it, no matter how hard you try to stop them.
So stop trying to protect yourself from Gun Tracking Technology or any type of technology for that matter.
Gun Tracking Technology has already been around for a while only it is moving out of the prototype phase and seeping into mainstream awareness. The technology itself is getting better, more compact, and cheaper everyday. Soon the technology will improve so much that devices will come to be available to every person, gun owner, civilian, law enforcement officer, and criminal alike. 
You can’t stop this, no room or time for debate, so please stop posting 4000 word comments on Gun Tracking Articles about how we need to fight this technology and those who make it – this is just ignorant and a waste of your time. It is also exactly what Extremist Gun Control Activists want you to do.
Now I am all for keeping guns out of the hands of criminals and doing background checks during firearms sales, but mess with my rights as a sane and non-felonious American and you better expect a fight. 
Yardarm, a Firearm Safety Technology Company has a new electronic gun safety device and monitoring network designed mainly for law enforcement agencies. The device tracks guns that cops carry and allows for the monitoring of all weapons in the field. The idea being that law enforcement groups know where every gun is at all times, and also which guns are fired and when. The devices can also track the direction a weapon is pointing when fired, who fired first, and even if a weapon has been removed from a holster. Whether or not cops in the field like having this data collected from their personal firearms I do not know.
The general gun-owning public is of course scared to death of any such tracking but it is important we ask the right questions and be very aware of any real issues or debates surrounding this type of data as it pertains to non-law enforcement civilians. Some obvious and not so obvious benefits of this technology that can not be ignored are thing like the ability to disarm weapons via electronic safety device if a child or unauthorized person gets a hold of the host gun. This is important and will save many lives in the future.
The data collected about the gun’s use could also be used to quickly (like in milliseconds) determine unauthorized use, and to a very detailed level using comparative telemetry. For instance the Yardarm Device could be programmed to know the difference between your wife picking up the gun, and a neighbor child about to discharge that same weapon, disabling the gun in the case of the child.
These things I mention are largely the focus of public discussions today, and while interesting, they are all inevitable and other more important discussions are going unattended. There are more important considerations we should have as US Citizens with rights under the US Constitution.

One comment posted on said: “another solution for a problem that does not exist”

But there are many problems, some of them life changing, that do exist for gun-owning civilians, and that this device could render all of them as non-issues and theoretically save thousands of innocent people from going to prison for things they did not do, but could not prove.
Unauthorized use, self defense cases, wrongful prosecution of civilian gun owners etc. there is another side to each of the examples of course but ignoring the thousands of cases involving American citizens that are in prison for things they did not do would be irresponsible.
I would ask everyone to look at it from another perspective by asking a series of “What if” questions: What if the device was available for a reasonable cost, or even at no charge, for every gun in existence, but was also completely optional regarding it installation and usage. Also, what if the data from guns with optionally installed devices was “certified” by the device manufacturer and belonged solely to the gun owner. What if all owners of device data had the option to instantly delete all data in the gun’s device, OR, in matters where the gun owners rights and liberties are at risk, the owner has the option to send a filtered or unfiltered amount of the data, directly from the gun via wifi or personal storeage device/flashdrive to law enforcement (or non-biased third party) should they be accused of a crime or need to prove self defense/unauthorized use?
Having the option to collect and store personal data that could prove something in the court of law, should the need arise, is very valuable and takes pressure off of gun owners who are responsible and law abiding.
Looking at Gun Telemetry Tracking from this perspective one would be hard pressed find a reason to not collect and store this type of data in every gun they own or use.
The real conflict here is not whether these devices a good idea or not – it is the future of all things and is coming to a gun near you very soon no matter how much you shout out about your rights..
The real issues lie in the ownership/collection/storage/ and management of the data, and the gun owners rights to control it in every way – much like your health care records. Ever heard of HIPAA? HIPAA includes a Title II Privacy rule and something called PHI – Protected Health Information – so no one can access your medical records without being in violation of a federal law.
We should all be campaigning to keep Gun Data under the same rules. We can call it PGA – Protected Gun Information. This the debate we should be gearing up for, gun data privacy, not whether or not this data is needed or not – this technology is here now and you can’t stop it. You can however be concerned and active regarding the Privacy and use of your data. We should all have the right to collect, store, and use the data to our benefit if we so choose and remain protected under applicable privacy rules within existing federal laws.
Don’t be fooled into less important issues that are manifested via mainstream media because while you are busy debating something that is irrelevant, extremist activists will be busy claiming ownership to all of your data. and making it legal for the government to access it without your permission.
An article about this has been published here:
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