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Author - Shane Hopkins

Author – Shane Hopkins

Today, April 20th, 2013 will surpass 260 visitors for the day.

This is after averaging about 40 visits per day for the past 2 weeks. It is not a fluke, but rather a combination of efforts coming together to create a mini-traffic storm.

This burst of traffic is best visualized by real data in a series of bar charts rendered directly from the JetPack Plugin for WordPress.

Here are the Blogs statistics for the past week or so: Statistics Statistics

As you will see in the bar chart we were at an average of less than 40 visitors a day for two weeks.

Today at just 5:00 pm we have already exceeded 300 visits.

Here is what caused the influx of visitors…

We started refining or optimizing the use of several key plugins for WordPress such as Squirrly SEO Optimizer, Google Analytics for WordPress, SEO Ultimate, Feedweb.

Feedweb being the plugin with the most direct impact as it puts out each Blog post to a readership community, albeit a small one, and can generate 20 to 60 visits per post on a good day and with a good post topic/headline.

Feedweb is free and enables you to attach a ratings widget to each post as well as add in a few poll questions to engage readers and help the author to quickly refine a writing style that suits the current audience.

We have been able to keep a solid 4.75 out of 5 in our ratings after making adjustments over the term of about 7 posts. The poling utility allows the author to insert questions such as “Is this article of value” or “Would you like to see more about this topic etc.

Other game changers in this traffic boost would be our time spent on, and submitting to, StumbleUpon. By using SU, we were able to find many Blogs over a week period that let us post comments with our website address thus creating good backlinks. These backlinks have integrity due to these Blogs being well travelled by Stumblers.

The manual submission of each post to StumbleUpon has created an increase in traffic of up to 70 visits per post on a good topic.

Our SEO efforts have been coming to light finally after 4 weeks of hard SEO Optimization using SEO ultimate Plugin for wordPress. We went from not ranking at all in anything on any Search Engine, to ranking in the top 10 of several keywords in Google which is picking up a few visitors.

Keywords we were able to infaltrate were surprising but telling, such as “espionage”, “Spy jobs” and “sixfiguregoldmine” were our top searches and brought in a dozen visits today.

Lastly is the relentless manual submissions of each post to every social network available in the “Share This” feature of the “Social Press” Plugin for WordPress. These manual submissions include LinkedIn, Stumbleupon, Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Redit, Tumbler, and Google+, with each yielding about 5 to 10 visits depending on the post topic and headline.

We spent major time writing good posts on worthy topics and shared our efforts on other top Blogs, Forums, and Groups on Social networks. Some posts got shared twice after an edit or two, whatever we felt was appropriate, you definitely get a feel for this after spending 7 or 8 20 hour days refining the site and the content. Keep at it and they will come. The final count upon completion of this post was 280 Visits, give these tip- Moneymakerspy

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