Alex Beadon is the last person I would have expected to inspire me, or give me an Ahah! moment.

Alex is a passionate well-spoken female authority figure in the Blogging and Lifestyle Coaching Niche.

Her Video-heavy Website-network business model is solid, generating profits, and easy to duplicate, at least technically speaking.

So how does a Female Blogger with a pink website totally inspire this Tech-savvy Blogger who was Blogging before Alex was even born?

That’s not so easy, but I will try to figure this out as we go through it.

Just so you know up front that there is fruit to bare within this article, I will tell you now that Alex, in all of about 2 minutes flat inspired this online veteran to be a better blogger, pay more attention to my own marketing, and help me to realize what was wrong with my own online business model. True story.

Her video on YouTube inspired a rare moment of self-reflection, clarity, and a side order of much needed motivation.

At first I thought it was a complete waste of time to let that forever-loading video eat up my time, RAM, & Bandwidth. Just as I was about to hit the X and forget about Alex forever, the video started to play.

3 seconds in – So typical I thought, just another  blogger-video with bad-audio, wrong lighting, on a windy patio of a restaurant? gimme a break!… prolly gonna write her an email when I am done viewing this and tell her how to improve her media development, rookie…

Yep, I could teach this chick a thing or two…

let me check out her website…..(typing in URL…)

Oh boy…Alex has a pink website… with a girlie-art design template…(scfrolling…)

She probably reviews make-up products and talks about having an impact on global fashion” I thought to myself as I surfed through her site while taking intermittent scans of my Hotel Room to make sure no one could see girly-pink graphics scrolling across my screen.
Now, rewind one hour – and I am in the car driving, listening to the morning radio show called Business Rockstars which I can’t ever get enough of.

On the show, a woman entrepreneur is being interviewed, she is the founder of a start-up that creates content for Super-fans. Zine…something… and she was interesting enough to make me tune in to the rest of the show on my laptop after I parked the car and went to my Hotel room.

The radio show’s website had a video of this woman who connects Music Stars with their Super-Fans, which I watched but can’t remember a single thing about it.

When it was done, related videos filled the screens video player and a headline that read “How Brands Create Super-Fans” caught my attention, so I clicked it.

This is the epitome of how I spend (some would say lose) countless hours absorbing random content

Radio Show > Guest Interview > Website > Video > Related Video > Video Producers Website > Write Blog Post

I have an unquenchable thirst for information and this is how I find some of my best stuff.

This random, reactive, surfing is something you should be very aware of if you find yourself doing it. If not monitored and controlled, it can consume your entire year.

But it is not as harmful as some new-lifestyler people say it is, as it exposes you to new things, new people, and once in a while, great discoveries of inspiration and self-reflection.

My other motivation for this seemingly pointless narrative is because the way in which I found Alex Beadon’s content is very important to completely understand as a Blogger, and as an online Marketing Professional (which is what you will soon be if you are successful at Blogging).

Alex’s video about Brands creating Super-Fans, has changed my life just enough to inspire this post and effect every other piece of work I create going forward.

That is very valuable to me, and it creates a healthy and expected unbalance of the imaginary scale that we use to measure the value we receive from having relationships with each other.

Even though I have never met Alex, and probably never will, I have the perception of a relationship with her because she affected me with her passionate delivery of a genuine message.

Relationships are always about the exchanging of value. Your best friend gives you value in the form of comfort, happiness, humor, loyalty etc. You might give them the same elements of value.

As of right now, the value scale measuring the relationship I have with Alex, is tipped all the way towards me as it is weighed down with the value I received today from Alex’s content.

She on the other hand, has received nothing from me, there is no “Value from Shane” to weigh down her side of the scale.

Why is this important to understand and visualize?

We are by nature beings of fairness, justice, and equality.  My value scale, that measures the relationship I have with Alex, is uncomfortably out of balance, and this is actually uncomfortable for me.

My human nature has manifested unbalance into a faint feeling of guilt, which triggers an ever so small but significant desire for me to exhibit some form of reciprocity towards Alex.

ALex’s Marketing Goal, has been achieved with 100% success.

She could now, hypothetically, take advantage of this effect she has thrust upon me by presenting me with an opportunity to reciprocate somehow

This opportunity, could come in the form of an email to me with an offer, or a pre-scheduled autoresponder message containing more great content with an affiliate product link.

This entire scenario, and its subsequent effects are essentially the result of Alex achieving her Marketing Goals (whether she knows it or not – I am betting she does). and why she creates content for prospects like myself.

Everything we are talking about here is considered just plain ole Online Marketing.

Part of Marketing is also about establishing yourself as an Authority Figure in your industry niche, and creating a level of trust and loyalty among your prospects, customers, and fans, like Alex did today with me.

When good Marketing works, and works well, it is a thing of beauty and appears as finely orchestrated supernatural micro-events.

Seeing it work for yourself, as a part of your own efforts to build a business online, is an extremely pleasurable high, euphoria and all just like a drug. Addicting too – but use it as motivation to succeed in helping others and creating Financial Freedom.

Alex Beadon’s Online Business Model contains websites, blog posts, videos, and email capture forms, but it is fueled by her Entrepreneurial Spirit, Intense Passion, and some really strong common sense when it comes to organization, thoroughness, self awareness and surprising clarity. Her model works, it’s a proven money-maker, and it is fairly easy to duplicate as far as its elemental technology architecture. BYOPPSCM – Bring your own passion, persistence, spirit, and clever mind.

Some other things Alex Beadon does to make herself unstoppable are small, but very effective.

Here are some examples that set her model apart from 90% of other online business models:

  • scripted videos with the use of a teleprompter device
  • Purchased Domain Names for most every aspect of her Network
  • Asks the audience/readers questions, and replies to their comments
  • Extremely well curated services for a young entrepreneur Blogger
  • Unique, Unique, Unique, no other Female Bloggers heading right up the middle of Blog Monetization
  • No bleed-in of off-topic content. Focus, Focus, Focus.
  • Makes every visitor/reader feel important and capable
  • No need to prove anything, no fear of revealing her true personality
  • Selfless efforts to help others in exchange for nothing up front
  • Avoids temptations to change in the name of popularity

How Alex could improve her seemingly otherwise perfect online business model:

  • The current Opt-in Thank You Page leaves visitor hanging with no offer to continue their engagement (Social share, Bonus Offering, Trip-wire Offer, Core Offer etc)
  • Easier access to bulk of content on main website gateway – can’t get to other articles, posts, links difficult to find
  • Design of main site not man-friendly (good targeting though for woman bloggers) Sit is so feminine it guarantees a very low number of heterosexual men will become loyal visitors and reduces marketshare
  • Better Audio mastering for Videos produced in the field.
  • No presence of piers/other experts in most videos
  • No links to Social Accounts on main website, No YouTube Channel Link (poor internal cross-linking)

Hope this post helps a few people gain some clarity around their own online efforts.

So, all things said, way to go Alex! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next.


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