Facts About Reversing Type II Diabetes Symptoms – Free 2014 Guide

Reverse Diabetes Program

Reverse Diabetes Program

If you or someone you know is Diabetic and you are searching for up-to-date information, you are in the right place.

I have gathered data on all of the current clinical studies as well as all of the Diabetes Reversal Program Products being sold on the internet, advertised on the radio, and seen on TV.

It’s all right here on one page, and it’s absolutely free information. I also reveal the contents of all of the Diabetes Reversal Programs and have all of the included Guides, Lists, and Materials available for download for free.

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Read this article first so you don’t waste your time downloading a bunch of stuff you do not need and will never use.

By the time you finish reading this you will know exactly what you or your loved one needs regarding Diabetes Symptom Reversal, so let;s get going.

So take a breath, grab a drink, relax and learn everything you need to know from a trusted source.

First off, lets be very clear, Diabetes, for the most part, and for most people, is 100% reversible, that is if you have all of your organs and bodily functions present and working properly.

Main Symptoms of Diabetes

Main Symptoms of Diabetes

The undeniable proof that Diabetes is totally reversible was published in Diabetologia in 2011 and proved the complete reversal of Diabetic Symptoms in just one single week.

I  obtained a copy of that report just before it mysteriously disappeared from the original website where it was published: Get that PDF file here free. Diabetes_reversal_study it is getting harder to find it everyday.

Click here to get my Improved Diabetes Reversal Program plus 3 Bonus Guides! 100% Free!

Here is a quote from the report that should clear up a lot of things for those of you who are still on the fence regarding Diabetes being totally curable oops, I meant reversible: 

Here is a quote from the American Nutrition Association about the clinical study report:

Study details - Under close supervision of a medical team, 11 people who had developed diabetes later in life were put on an extreme diet  consisting of liquid drinks and vegetables.

They were matched to a control group of people without diabetes and then monitored over eight weeks to measure the production of insulin from their pancreas and fat content in the liver and pancreas.

After just one week, the research team found that pre-breakfast blood sugar levels had returned to normal, whilst scans revealed that fat levels in the pancreas had lowered from an elevated level of eight per cent to the healthy, normal level of six per cent.

In combination with the reduction of fat levels, the pancreas was found to regain its normal ability to produce insulin. As a result, blood sugar after meals was reported to steadily improve

Here is another shocking quote from the ANA website:

The early stage clinical trail in eleven people reported a 100 per cent reversal of diabetes symptoms during the two month test period, with 64 per cent of the participants remaining diabetes free three months after the test had finished.

“To have people free of diabetes after years with the condition is remarkable – and all because of an eight week diet,” said Professor Roy Taylor of Newcastle University, UK, who led the study.

“This is a radical change in understanding Type 2 diabetes. It will change how we can explain it to people newly diagnosed with the condition.

“It has long been believed that someone with Type 2 diabetes will always have the disease, and that it will steadily get worse … we have shown that we can reverse the condition,” said Taylo

Now is it just me or is anyone else thinking WTF?

For 30 years we have been telling people to inject insulin into their bodies and take 245,000 Dollars in medications every year without any of the thousands of Doctors who treat Diabetes ever trying to put a couple people on a one week diet?

And the fact that they don’t even have to stay on the diet to remain diabetes free….holy crap!

This means that for 30 – 40 years no one ever went on a week long Diet of healthy food

3 Week Diabetes Program

3 Week Diabetes Program

and realized their sugar levels had evened out and they were no longer Diabetic.

That is the most Fucked up thing I have ever heard about our healthcare system and that is saying a lot, cuz it truly sucks dead baboon hemorrhoids.

This proves to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that the pharmaceutical companies are fabricating data to keep their drug markets as profitable as possible.

Even after this discovery that ends a frigging GLOBAL EPIDEMIC we see no drop in the sales of Diabetic Medications and no drop in the number of Prescriptions written by doctors, WWWTTTTFFFF!!!!!!

Anytime you have a solution for something that eliminates the need for Billions of Dollars in Here is a quote from the report Narcotics and other Big Pharma Products, your going to have a tough time keeping the information up and available.

That said, it is safe to say that all of this info will not last long here on the website, trust me, it will be removed by someone other than me very soon after I publish it.

It wont be the first time I have had content maliciously removed, It is also a risk to my own life by posting this information.

Click here to get my Improved Diabetes Reversal Program plus 3 Bonus Guides! 100% Free!

If you think I am exaggerating please understand that the Diabetes Industry is responsible for 245 Billion Dollars per year in Pharmaceutical sales and don;t think for a single second that they would hesitate to eliminate some nobody (like me) who is putting even a tiny dent in those sales..

Cure Diabetes Forever

Cure Diabetes Forever

Now that we got that out of the way, how do you reverse your Diabetes? There is the Diabetes Protocol Program, but why should you pay for such information?

Diabetes Protocol Program – $27 Dietary Guide (no need to click, I have all links for Free at the end of this article)

This program lays out a list of foods that you can eat every day.

Before you say OK Great! Wait as I disclose a much more efficient way to reverse symptoms and you can download the food list at anytime at the bottom of this page. It is handy, I use it weekly at the grocery store.

Tip – also a great list for my Autistic Son who is a picky eater but when he eats foods from this list is a different child regarding his behavior.

I have reviewed many programs that claim to help in the reversal of Diabetes Symptoms including the Reverse 55 Diabetes Reversal Program, The Diabetes Protocol Program, as well as Reverse Diabetes Today (same company as rev55) and several other copy-cat programs.

In fact I have done so much research, and read the letters, comments, and emails from thousands of readers, many of which are Diabetics looking for a cure to their life crippling disease, that I decided to layout a program of my own based on the information I found on each existing program. and offer it to anyone who wanted it for Free.

In fact, this article makes the contents of every known Diabetes Program available to you for free. I have purchased and researched all of them and re-purposed the content from each program and published it here in this article so it is all available to the public for free.

Click here to get my Improved Diabetes Reversal Program plus 3 Bonus Guides! 100% Free!

In the name of Diabetics around the globe who are often subject to scams, con artists, over-valued products, and high tech marketing schemes I have documented a formula or process if you will, for completely reversing Diabetic Symptoms.

At first my ambitions were to create a list of existing products already on the market and

Reverse Your Diabetes Today

Reverse Your Diabetes Today

give them unbiased ratings based on real data from the people who have participated in the them and have documented their results.

Although some of the Diabetes Reversal Programs out there are in fact legitimate products, they all left something to be desired whether it be overpricing, incorrect information, or incomplete data, some are just flat out scams.

Also, I found many of the Diabetes Symptoms Reversal Programs to be strictly diet related and although changing your diet is an effective treatment for producing lower blood sugar levels, I knew there had to be a more efficient way to naturally stop the body’s production of sugar.

Science has now proven that the Liver and the Kidneys are responsible for the High Blood Sugar Levels in Diabetics and that Insulin and oral medications can become ineffective in even masking the problem.

We as humans need specific enzymes and proteins to prevent the process of sugar production in the first place. We need to battle this enemy of sugar production at it’s core inside the Liver and Kidneys.

Eating specific foods is one way to do this, another way is to jump-start or supercharge the body’s natural metabolism and enable it to stabilize the production of blood sugar naturally the way God intended us to deal with blood sugar.

We as humans have all the tools necessary to stabilize our own blood sugar levels, it;s just that we have for whatever reason altered or evolved in such a way that our bodies are not efficiently managing the production of blood sugar and it gets out of hand quickly.

The reason for our inefficient management of these blood sugar production issues could be the environment, or pollution, maybe the food we eat or the water we drink, possibly we have disabled our natural ability to maintain proper blood sugar levels slowly over generations through genetic evolution.

Click here to get my Improved Diabetes Reversal Program plus 3 Bonus Guides! 100% Free!

The fact remains any fairly complete human body, a body with all the essential organs in place, and one that is fully operational, contains everything we need to properly manage blood sugar, it’s just that for some of us, like a fine tuned engine, sometimes our “carburetor” is in need of adjustment.

15 Foods That Kill

15 Foods That Kill

When we have an old car that does not run smoothly due to an out of adjustment carburetor, there are adjustments we can make to control the fuel-to-air mixture ratio.

An old car that is running too “rich”, could be considered similar to a diabetic as it is a car that has too much fuel (or in our case, sugar), and not enough air (insulin), going through the intake system.

This car would run rough, and maybe even shake violently when idling, blow blue smoke out of the tailpipe, and get horrible gas mileage. To solve this, we would make a proper adjustments to the carburetor.

We would get a screw driver and adjust the screw on the carburetor that controls the fuel-to-air mixture (also known as a “Jet screw”) and slowly turn it slowly in a clockwise direction until the car’s engine idled smoothly.

We would know when it was properly adjusted not only by the engine idling smoothly, but there would be no smoke coming out of the tailpipe, the spark-plugs when removed would have a nice grey color and their electrodes would be dry and clean, our fuel mileage would improve, and the car would accelerate surprising better that it had before we made the adjustments.

Although the human body is much like a car in many ways, we have no Jet screws to adjust and everything is pretty much a factory preset or default.

We can only effect how our body functions by the intake of liquids and solids, and perform physical exercises that overtime have an effect on muscle mass and cardiovascular health.

We have no direct-effect means of changing our bodily functions other than diet and exercise which take time and effort to ensure effectiveness.

Click here to get my Improved Diabetes Reversal Program plus 3 Bonus Guides! 100% Free!

Of course medications are an almost direct effect method of changing the body’s functions but often this is a detrimental and temporary masking of symptoms and rarely helps to change core functions in a corrective manner.

One thing I learned very early on in life, while working as a helper at the neighborhood auto repair shop, I think I was 11 or 12 years old, was that the slightest little change, the most seemingly insignificant adjustment, could entirely change the manner and efficiency of which an internal combustion engine runs.

The small, almost microscopic channels, in which air and fuel travel through a fuel system is truly amazing. The timing of the engines valves opening and closing in synchronicity with the firing off of the spark in the combustion chamber is wonderfully orchestrated mechanical miracle in of itself, yet is simplistic when viewed in comparison to the human body and the processes and functions occurring at every moment which we all take for granted.

We no longer make production automobiles with carburetors and now use electronic fuel

Freaky Foods that Cure

Freaky Foods that Cure

injection systems which are tuned and controlled by computers.

This allows the automobile to adjust mixture of fuel and air on the fly, or dynamically, based on data and the current driving/operating conditions.

The on-board computer systems in today’s automobile can reduce or increase power when it detects a change is needed.

This can occur when climbing hills, pulling a trailer, some cars even shut down entire cylinders when operating in economy mode.

This means an 8 cylinder car can shut down 4 of the cylinders to save fuel when going down hills or coasting with your foot off of the accelerator pedal on the highway.

Innovation continues to improve everything we do in our lives but little progress is ever made with some of our biggest issues as Human Beings – one of these issues is Diabetes.

Like a car’s engine the body will make vast improvements in efficiency with the slightest of adjustments.

We can make physical and psychological adjustments to our bodies by what we eat, drink, and think.

Never underestimate the power of suggestion or psychological power of ones mind to control the body.

Clinical studies have proven this over and over with one example being of a study done to patients having an AIDS test done in a laboratory.

The patients were hooked up to EEG sensors and protein monitors and each given an AIDS test.

Each patient was then told by the Doctor that the results were positive and they did in fact have the HIV virus.

This was not true, all of the test subjects were free of AIDS and HIV. None of the test subjects knew what the purpose of the test was other than they were getting paid 25$ to participate in a clinical study.

100% of the perfectly healthy patients had an immediate physiological change for the worse regarding the chemicals needed to maintain their immune system.

In other words the moment each of them were told that they were HIV positive, they immediately started to die, their immune systems started to shut down.

This is because they were told they had an incurable disease that would shut down their immune system and eventually kill them.

Pancreatic Health

Pancreatic Health

The power of suggestion immediately had an adverse effect and the dying process started as soon as they believed they were in fact dying. This said, never underestimate the power of your own mind and positive thought, always know you are in control of your own health, to a certain point.

Also be open minded as to the benefit potential of small changes to treat big issues such as diabetes.

The Diabetes Protocol Program is a Diabetes Symptom Reversal Program that addresses the proteins and enzymes needed by the body to counteract or suppress the amount of blood sugar produced by the Liver and Kidneys.

If your liver and kidneys produce less blood sugar, you need less of the chemical needed to neutralize it – in this case, we are talking about needing less Insulin.

There are many ways to introduce these different proteins and enzymes into your system and food or diet is one way.

This method of adjusting ones diet is the core of The Diabetes Protocol Program and for $69 you can get the complete program which many say has worked for them.

Feel free to use my affiliate link for an Insider Discount and Bonus Materials, I believe using my link will reduce the cost to $39 or so.

Let me know if you have any issues joining at this discounted price as I tend to get quicker resolution to customer service issues due to the amount of customers coming from this website over the past few years.

On the other hand, the method of physiological change through diet and exercise as depicted in the Diabetes Protocol Program is slow and somewhat effective at best, and there are other ways, new and innovative techniques, that have an almost immediate effect on the body’s ability to stabilize blood sugar production.

I am not a Doctor and you should always consult a physician when trying new foods, organic supplements, medications etc. This is no different so please do so before trying any treatment.

I will say that the following method for reversing the symptoms of Diabetes is one that has been formulated and tested by thousands of medical professionals including my personal physician, and many other Health care professionals around the globe.

Click here to get my Improved Diabetes Reversal Program plus 3 Bonus Guides! 100% Free!

For the sake of reference, we’ll call this method the FGXPS method and it is quickly becoming a go-to method by more and more physicians for Diabetics before changing any medications or even before changing diet and exercise regimens.

The changing of diet and exercise in itself can be somewhat of a shock to your metabolism. Especially if you are older and have been following the same regimen for 50 years or more.

Changing to a completely healthy diet after 50 or 60 years of eating the same foods and


Free Samples of FG Xpress PowerStrips

little exercise can literally kill you if your hypersensitive to diet change and effects of exercise.

The FGXPS method is completely safe without a single documented case of any ill side effects.

Over the past year I have met over a dozen people personally who have tried this new method I am about to reveal to you and have completely recovered from all Diabetic Symptoms.

Over half of them no longer take any kind of medications, follow any special diets, or do any exercise out of their normal realm of active living.

The FGXPS method is something being widely used as an alternative pain relief treatment as well as a treatment for a long list of other common ailments including Diabetes Symptoms and high blood sugar.

This method became suspect in effectively reversing of Diabetic Symptoms shortly after the FDA Listed it as a Class One Medical Device just recently.

It is the first time in the history of the world that the FDA has given any recognition to an all natural product or treatment.

This treatment utilizes four primary all-natural supplements to supercharge your circulatory system, metabolism, brain chemical production, and other chemical producing processes.

It also delivers these nutrients to your system in a new and hyper-efficient manner – directly through your skin.

It also provides the elements needed to optimize the body’s ability to operate efficiently and get the most out of any elements we naturally produce or manually introduce.

These four all natural supplements are totally safe, been proven to be effective for thousands of years, and are as follows:

  • Germanium (GE)
  • Korean Cultivated Red Ginseng
  • Ionic Silver
  • Marine Phytoplankton

For the FGXPS Process, these four supplements are formulated with some proprietary processes such as timed ultrasonic exposure and heat treatment integration, but for the most part are being used in their original and natural form without any artificial processing.

Processing is what yields effective supplements as ineffective, often useless, once we have “prepared” them for longer shelf life or digestion.

This all-natural formula, of unprocessed ancient herbs, periodic elements, and microscopic super-foods is then engineered into the form of a trans-dermal strip or bandage with a water soluble adhesive so you can wear it like a band-aid.

Some say it is a patch but it is really called a “PowerStrip”. These adhesive bandages are the size of an index card and each one has an effective time length of 48 hours.

The PowerStrips uses the Germanium in its natural form to create something called Infrared Heat Reflection which redirects the body’s own naturally generated heat back into the body for re-use.

This is now a proven and US Patented process called WaveForm technology and recycles body heat to stimulate the circulatory system and dilate vessels in the cardio systemic process.

The manufacturers of PowerStrips, FG Xpress is owned by a ten year old publicly traded company called Forever Green International and they have a track record for creating products often referred to as “Alternative Medicines” and are widely distributed throughout 160 Countries by Independent Representatives.

Purchase PowerStrips: Lowest Prices on the Internet Here

Their method of Independent Distributorship is one way to fly below the radar of big Pharmaceutical Companies that often stomp-out any alternative treatments that may reduce the need for OTC Medications and Prescription Narcotic Medications.

Click here to get my Improved Diabetes Reversal Program plus 3 Bonus Guides! 100% Free!

FG Xpress started to distribute PowerStrips as a treatment alternative for Pain Relief and are effective for joint pain, headaches, arthritis, back and spine injuries etc,. the wide-spread use and effectiveness of the PowerStrips has fostered the discovery of many more practical uses for them as they tend to have an effect much more significant than just at the localized point of administration.

In other words people who would apply a PowerStrip to their thigh, right above the knee to treat soreness and stiffness in the knee joint, would experience levels of relief through out the entire leg and even the entire body.

Germanium, Ginseng, Ionic Silver, and Marine Phytoplankton are beneficial to the entire body regardless of where these All-natural supplements enter it.

People who had Diabetes, and were using the PowerStrips to relief symptoms unrelated to their Diabetes started to see a vast improvement in their Blood Sugar Levels.

So instead of using the PowerStrips for the occasional Back-ache, head ache, or joint stiffness episode, they began to apply the strips daily or every couple days, creating a constant flow of organic nutrients into the bloodstream and nervous system.

The results have been unprecedented and not only did the Blood Sugar Levels return to acceptable levels but the now former diabetics were able to reintroduce the foods they had eaten before they were diagnosed.

Also, they were able to introduce them sooner than those who were following the Diabetes Protocol Program.

Here is the FGXPS Diabetes Reversal Program in its simplest format, laid out in a step by step process:

  • Purchase 15 – 30 PowerStrips, The cheapest prices on the Internet are here.
  • Start with one PowerStrip placed over either kidney (lower back to one side)
  • Change sides and use a fresh PowerStrip every 48 hours
  • Maintain the use of all other meds and dietary supplements
  • Continue to monitor Blood Sugar Levels as recommended
  • Follow this regimen for 2 weeks
  • On day 16 remove the single PowerStrip and Apply two PowerStrips using one over each kidney on the left and right sides of your lower back.
  • Replace both PowerStrips every 48 hours
  • Maintain the use of all other meds and dietary supplements
  • Continue to monitor Blood Sugar Levels as recommended
  • Follow this regimen for 2 weeks
  • If all levels have been consistent or you have found less of a need to use insulin and/or Diabetic medications. Talk to your Doctor about weening off of your Diabetic Medications. (Please do not attempt this step without your Doctor’s consent)

Purchase PowerStrips: Lowest Prices on the Internet Here

Click here to get my Improved Diabetes Reversal Program plus 3 Bonus Guides! 100% Free!
Testimonials from Readers (we posted just a few here of over 2000 emails we have received)

Dear moneymakerspy,

Your program is absolutely a miracle. I am on day 15, using your method. I am completely OFF ALL MEDICATIONS. I have absolutely no negative side effects.  All my pain is gone, my gum tissue and roof of mouth are regenerating. I now can use my right hand without stiffness or pain. I am walking comfortably on my knee (the knee, my doctor says needs a replacement). I also discovered bonus side effects. My hair was dry, frizzy, and gray. It is now soft, silky, and gray not as noticeable. My dry, scaly, flaky skin, is now as smooth as a baby’s butt. I am in total amazement.

I have literally been on an amazing ride. I would have been delighted with relief from my disease. This experience exceeds, all expectations I could have ever imagined. The amazing hair, skin, and my mouth tissues, are all unexpected bonus benefits.

I can’t possibly thank you enough for taking both the time and interest, to
personally contact me, and offer me your total support.

Thank You so much
Candy Eiferd

Sara Vanen Says:

“my tears of joy are flowing as I’m writing this mail. After reading your all the pages of your website I had tremendous changes in my life. On 22/4/2011 I was diagnosed as a diabetes patient and was put on medication. Later one of my friends passed me your link to all your articles which I digested all during my 8 hour-flight from Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia to Brisbane-Australia. After following your program I did another check-up in Brisbane on 03/06/2011 and I was amazed by my lab results.

My doctor told me that I am no longer diabetic, that I am free of diabetes and that I can stop all the medications. Shane I am deeply grateful to you for creating this fantastic website for everybody. Please let me know when you are in Australia, Fiji or New Zealand. I will be your testimonial because I want to help you let as many diabetes patients know that diabetes can be cured. God bless your noble work. Here is proof from Saravanen’s medical records once he learned from his doctor the he was, after following this program for a free weeks, DIABETES FREE!”

Also I am now an FGXpress Rep and buy all of my PowerStrips at wholesale prices. I did not see you mention that this was an option so I am reminding your readers to do this if they buy more than 5 PowerStrips a month, Plus we always give away to friends or to anyone who has pain or Diabetic symptoms, so always buy extra and never find yourself waiting for more Strips! Sara


Our Dear Friend Marilena emailed us:

“After being a diabetic for many many years, I’m extremely happy to report that thanks to your website, guides, and free information, my blood tests are now showing that I am completely free of diabetes. Saying thank you does not seem to be strong enough. But God bless you and your work, just begins to express my feelings.”

Baltimore MD


Nicola Says:

“I’m so glad I found yourwebsite on the web. I have been a type 2 diabetic sufferer for many years. Thirty days after following your fgxps program, I can report the following results: – Blood glucose dropped from 310 to 98 – Blood pressure lowered 10 points on the top and the bottom – Cholesterol dropped 16 points. Your “PowerStrip” plan is a BREAKTHROUGH and a true Blessing.” Thank you for all your help. My family and I are forever grateful.”


John who struggled with Type 1 diabetes says:

“I found out I had Diabetes Type I at age 20. I can honestly say, I have never felt healthy since I was diagnosed. So I begin reading you website and I’m stunned by the reason I have never felt healthy and energetic ALL MY LIFE (let alone since I was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes). I think if I’d known what the underlying cause was 20 years ago, I would have never developed Type I diabetes in the first place. I could have changed the diabetes symptoms in a few days with only small changes to my diet and lifestyle. When I was first reading it, I didn’t understand what this all had to do with Diabetes, but in fact it has EVERYTHING to do with diabetes. It has to do with ALL disease. Why are you tired all the time? How can you change it? What five ingredients does your body absolutely need? I was surprised to hear a lot of common diabetes diet food myths debunked. Then came the part where you described the reason for several diseases including diabetes. Again I was glued to the screen to learn the reason I was diabetic in the first place. Now I know why I have diabetes and could have changed it years ago. Your site gives a ten step formula to reverse (cure) diabetes (yes, even cure Type I or drastically reduce your need for insulin). This may very well have saved my life.”


Thanks, Shane

I enjoyed the Guides and Articles immensely. This may very well have saved my life. I am creating a website to share my experience with other because I feel it is so important, Had I not read your material on the website, I may have never found out that I could change my life to this extent. I am truly happy now, happier than ever before.

John J. Adams


Hi Shane,

I have almost completed reading and practicing what I read on your downloaded ebooks. It was because of my wife, who happens to be a diabetic, that I found your site on the net and started practically applying it to improve her health and of all the family, as well.

What a marvellous work you have done, it is simply wonderful!!
May God bless & keep you sharing a wealth of lifesaving health information with the rest of us.

Best Regards,
Trina Salvidio


Mr Money Maker Spy,,

Thank you very much for your ‘wake up’ information I found by good chance on the internet ‘reverse-diabetes-today’, I have been told the the medical profession that I had type II DIABETES and negatively said theres not a lot they could do just more drugs to help with insulin. Your read is truly ground breaking, I have been on 2 PowerStrips every 48 hours etc for about a month and tested my PH each day 3 times a day and they are just starting to become 7.0 in the middle range, and did a home blood test and brilliant the colours for blood sugar was spot on ( a true blessing, you deserve a lot of thanks).

The next step is go to my doctor and get a fasting test, but I,m a bit scared that by giving me high sugar drink that the readings will go
up again, also I want to come off drugs, shall I just go for it?

Thank you,
Pete H. Richmond VA


Dear Moneymakerspy,

I have purchased all of your e-books. This is really an amazing life-saving website, it’s a blessing beyond words. I’ve downloaded your program because my dad has been suffering from diabetes for a very long time but now, thanks to your help, his blood sugar level is well within normal range and all his symptoms are gone. I cannot explain in words how much this website and your ebook articles have meant to me and my family.

I just want to let you know that your program has totally changed my life; you truly are a blessing for humanity. People need to hear your message because it can save many many people’s lives. The world needs more people like you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you thank you thank you!

Trivandru Keralia


“Dear Shane (moneymakerspy), I feel very fortunate and privileged to have found your information on the internet a few months ago and read it with great interest in a couple of days. I was quite surprised at what I was reading given the advice in the all of the articles is contrary to all the advice I had been given by my doctor. I decided to give it a go and follow your advice about PowerStrips. I was at normal Blood Sugar Levels in 9 days with no change in Diet. Meds are next on my list of things to eliminate..

My overall health has improved dramatically and I am more confident with my life – I finally feel like myself again.
You have been a blessing to me and my family and I thank God for your advice! I pray that God blesses you and your family the way he has allowed you to be a blessing to us.”

S. Patel Seymore KY


“Dear Shane & Mark,
I’m so glad I found your ebook on the web. I have been a type 2 diabetic sufferer for many years. Thirty days after following your program, I can report the following results:
• Blood glucose dropped from 310 to 98
• Blood pressure lowered 10 points on the top and the bottom
• Cholesterol dropped 16 points.
Your “FGXPS” plan is a BREAKTHROUGH and a true Blessing.”

Thank you for all your help. My family and I are forever grateful.”
Nicola Riffara


“Dear MMS, after being a diabetic for many many years, I’m extremely happy to report that thanks to your information about using PowerStrips, my blood tests are now showing that I am completely free of diabetes.
Saying thank you does not seem to be strong enough. But God bless you and your work, just begins to express my feelings.”
Rebecca Mortiatti
Norwalk CT

Purchase PowerStrips: Lowest Prices on the Internet Here

Click here to get my Improved Diabetes Reversal Program plus 3 Bonus Guides! 100% Free!

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Maldives Climate Change Hoax – Rush Limbaugh Bigger Failure Than Environmentalist Wackos

The Island President

The Island President – Netflix movie about Mohamed Nasheed’s fight for the sinking Maldives Islands and Less CO2 levels.

I watched a very compelling movie on Netflix this morning called The Island President, a 2011 documentary about the sinking Maldives Islands and it’s native people who recently brought democracy to their suppressed culture by voting in new President, Mohamed Nasheed.

I watched the movie because of the Netflix description which summarized a new democratic president’s fight to save his multi-Island Country from sinking into the Indian Ocean due to rising sea levels.

The Maldives People believe in a controversial theory that keeping the Carbon Dioxide levels within the Earths atmosphere below 350 ppm will help to maintain cooler planet temperatures, thus reducing polar icecap melting, which is believed to be responsible for the rising sea levels swallowing their Country.

Much of this theory is proven science, whats not proven is whether or not human interaction can have an effect on the Carbon Dioxide levels.

According to the Carbon chart below, it appears what we do has zero effect on the carbon increases as we do not a decrease or increase in Carbon levels in sync with events such as the industrial revolution or the practices of global green living, the increases are just a steady rise and we may be over-estimating our ability to have any effect on the destiny of this planet IMO.

This Movies plot seemed interesting to me as I used to live on an Island and understand the struggles that come along with living in a place that is so very volatile.

When you live on a small island your entire existence is a mere inches above sea level, you grow a tremendous respect for the land, sea, creatures, weather, and everything that is Mother Nature.

What I was not expecting from the movie was to find myself once again at a cross-roads regarding the validity of theories of Global Warming, Climate Change, Green House Gas Emissions, and the melting of the Polar Ice Caps etc.

City of Male

City of Male in the Maldives Islands is 1.5 meters above sea level.

I was inspired by this true story in which Mohamed Nasheed gets elected into office, beating the incumbent (Dictator) President of 30 years, but only after being imprisoned, tortured, and eventually exiled.

Nasheed himself admitted he had feared imprisonment upon his return to the Islands after his exile but was instead greeted by a large enthusiastic and supporting mass of people who just a few moths later voted him in as the new president.

On that election day, true Democracy was born in the Maldives. Culture-shift of this magnitude and importance is something I have seen only a few times in my life, which is what sparked the first bit of curious concern around this more and more interesting story that s the Maldives Islands, rising sea levels, and whether or not Climate Change is something we can actually have an impact on as a human race.

Mohamed Nasheed

Mohamed Nasheed brings Democratic hope to Maldives Islands.

There was now hope for a Country and entire Culture, that faces seemingly unavoidable doom, and ultimately the extinction of the entire culture. Would the new Democracy carry enough inertia to power a call for Global Carbon Footprint Reduction which quickly became the mantra of a new President trying to save his People, Land, Country and Culture, from literally sinking into the Indian Ocean?

This is all happening in and around 2008 – 20010, and Climate Change is very much a hot but controversial topic, as is the fight for a Muslim Country to Fight for, let alone achieve the election of a new democratic government. – if nothing else I knew this would be a movie I would not want to miss a single frame of.

Boy, was I right about that.


The Maldives is known for high-class resorts that rest just inches above sea level.

The Maldives Islands story so incredible on several levels that It inspired me to do a bunch of research on some topics that I have taken a break from actively pursuing, and ultimately led me to write this blog post.

This post should be viewed more as a letter to all who will read it, and to EIB Network’s Radio Show Host Rush Limbaugh, as he is the means to an end in me trying to express a very important sequence of points and facts, which must be heard by all in fine detail and in specific sequential manner in order to tell a true and meaningful story.

A story that I hope in some way may change the way we think and live as humans on this precious Earth.

In short, the movie I watched tells a story of a man who fought for democracy and won. Once his battle for democracy was seemingly won, he used the power of the Presidential Office, and the Maldives People, to wage a war on the use of Fossil Fuels and slow its effects on Climate Change as a means to save his sinking Country of 1000 Islands.

Ariel view of Maldives

Ariel view of Maldives

The Maldives is 1000 islands and a Country so close to Sea Level that the smallest rise in sea levels has a significant and detrimental impact on the eroding shoreline as well as all of the people who live there. The Maldives culture as a whole is in danger of extinction as the doomed Islands slowly sink quietly into the Indian Ocean forever.

This is now a culture that can take nothing for granted. They now have a chance to quickly move from a suppressed Country that tortured anyone who spoke out about Government, to a Democratic Society who would immediately shift focus from there own personal  civil rights and freedom of speech, to their own extinction as a culture.

For the first hour of the movie it seemed they had a real chance at both, but I now know the whole story (spoiler warning) and it is one of failure, complacency, lies, conspiracy, greed, ignorance, and a blatant miss-use of power through distribution of miss-information.

I now know that sadly, Mohamed Nasheed was recently forced to resign as President of

Beautiful Maldives Islands

Beautiful Maldives Islands

the Maldives Islands at gunpoint, and his fight to get the World to agree upon a plan to counter-act Climate Change is a complete failure. I write this letter today with a conciece effort to blame a single person for all of this, that person is the EIB Radio Network’s Rush Limbaugh.

Although it sounds like a skewed distribution of blame, it is not in my own mind’s train of thought, and here is why.

First of all, I do not blame Rush Limbaugh for the corrupted forces that squashed the overall valiant efforts of Mohamed Rasheed and his ideology of a fair and democratic society, the Maldives People are responsible for letting Democracy slip through their soggy, sinking hands.

Island Resort in Danger

Island Resort in Danger

Why they did not up-rise when the Police pepper-sprayed their former President and took him away I will never know or understand.

As I quickly caught myself up on Climate Change, Carbon Dioxide levels and other current events regarding the Maldives Islands, I was not only shocked to find out that democracy took a step backwards, but also to find out that no one is talking about it. The only one talking about anything even vastly related to this story is Rush Limbaugh, who on a daily basis rants about the environmentalist whackos who fuel the conspiracy that is Climate Change. This blatant and ignorant argument from Rush that anyone who mouths the words Climate Change is a nut, is causing the skewed perception behind a lack of action against atrocities like those in the Maldives Islands.

I know it sounds off-base at first but please hear me out.

People such as Limbaugh have an extremely large impact on the American People’s

Just inches above sea level

Just inches above sea level

perception of Global Issues. Rush Limbaugh’s is guilty of failing to make any effort toward intelligently communicating the cold hard facts regarding the topic of Global Warming or Climate Change and also regarding issues of political struggles including People in the Maldives.

Rush Limbaugh failed to speak the entire truth to the American Public regarding both of these issues because it does not line up with his efforts to squeeze every bit of marketing potential in the use of his self-coined phrase “Environmentalist Whackos”.

Limbaugh maintains the position that Climate Change is a complete conspiracy, construed by “Uninformed Left-Winged Liberal Nut-Jobs”.

There is no data.  There is no empirical data.  There’s zilch zero nada.  It’s all based on model forecasts for 2100, for 2050, for 2075.  This is one of the greatest hoaxes ever pulled over on people.  But now these scientists, they’re really puzzled.  I mean, some of these loco weeds actually believe this stuff. – Rush Limbaugh (source)

I hold him responsible for the fall of Mohamed Nasheed and for the fall of the new Democratic Society in Maldives, as well as being at fault for the failure of the Global Carbon Footprint Policy to be effective. He is therefore responsible in part for the needless continuance of Carbon Gas Build-up in our Ozone Layer. This could have been a topic of progress instead of a story of complete failure. Had Limbaugh told the truth over and over instead of boasting about some bullshit because it makes the ratings for his show.

carbon gas buildup

This chart is a factual measurement of CO2 gas in the atmosphere. We have been measuring this from a volcano peak in Hawaii since the 1950s – undisputed fact.

An argument he makes solely on semantics. Limbaugh, almost daily, uses data taken out of context to make incomplete arguments about environmental issues and in this is having a direct effect on the civil rights of others.

He contradicts himself by using the same tactics he condemns others for using – not considering the facts.

Rush Limbaugh manipulates the facts and data to benefit his own personal agenda and should not be considered a valid news source but rather an entertainment vessel – and an increasingly weak one at that.

I want people to realize that when we don’t tell the whole truth it can possibly effect bigger issues, like the entire existence of mankind and the world as we know it.

The way I see it if Rush Limbaugh had spoke the truth about Global Warming in the beginning, The Former President of the  Maldives Islands would have had less of a battle in trying to convince the World we need less Carbon Dioxide in our atmosphere.

Tsunami engulfs the Maldives Islands

Tsunami engulfs the Maldives Islands

This is regardless of whether we could actually have an impact on Global Warming, or if Global Warming even exists.

It does not matter if the Earth is getting warmer because of our Carbon Dioxide Emissions, it only matters that fossil fuel pursuit is ruining our planet.

It only matters that fossil fuel pursuit is causing wars, killing people, fostering the perpetual growth of greed and economic destruction.

It only matters that we can be better ambassadors for Green Living and use less fossil fuels so we do not have to rape the earth for the sake of keeping the elite segment of society sustained in a consistent level of comfort, wealth, and power.

Speaking about anything other than these important things is a conscious effort to distract and deceive the human race from the real issues, hard facts, and is essentially removing their power to make proper decisions and act upon vital issues regarding humanity and our planet.

When this story-tampering or manipulation of people is done out of greed, as in this case, it is criminal and should be punishable by a lifetime of imprisonment and hard labor.

It seems obvious to me that the above chart depicting the CO2 levels are on a constant

Unrest again in Maldives

Unrest again in Maldives

increase and it also appears to show no synchronous change in accordance with any human effort to change it.

Therefore we probably had no chance of ever getting the CO2 levels down to 350 PPM which is the level needed for the earth to maintain it’s current temperature and preserve whats remaining of the icecaps as well as keep the Sea Level at a constant.

So Mohamed Nasheed’s efforts were off-base regarding thoughts that we as humans could have an effect on the Sea Levels by controlling Carbon Levels.

His Country will sink into the Indian Ocean regardless of our Carbon Emissions.

Does this make his efforts for a better planet wasteful?

Can we have an effect on rising sea levels?

Can we have an effect on rising sea levels?

Does the promotion of alternative energy and reduction of fossil fuel usage go away by default because we now know the earth is doing what its doing regardless of our effort to impact it?

Does this mean we have rights to rip off every mountain top in efforts to suck the earth dry of all natural gas, oil, coal, or whatever the fuck reason we rape our planet for natural resources in disgusting levels?

You see, had Rush Limbaugh presented the facts about Global Warming instead of focusing on the fact that he is always right, and that NASA said “A” yesterday and then said “B” today, we might have given Mohamed Nasheed’s Plan for Global Carbon Emissions Reduction at the Copenhagen Summit a little more consideration instead of a majority of the summit attendees brushing him off as an environmentalist whacko because Rush said he was.

We might today be looking at a world that relies less on fossil fuels and an Island Culture

Just the facts please...

Just the facts please…

that still had a new Democratic Society.

Instead we have a World that spoke nothing of Mohamed Nasheed’s demise as the President of the Maldives Islands, and a World that continues to speak nothing of the real issues around wasting natural resources and preserving the Planet as we once knew it.



Thanks rush your a real stand-up guy. But hey, at least you got that “Environmentalist Whako” thing goin’ for ya. That’s really cool man.

I would like to hear how you feel about Climate Change and our ability to have an effect on it. I would also like to know what happened to those happy people that elected their new

First ever underwater summit in Valdives

First ever underwater summit in Valdives

Democratic Government into office a couple years ago, only to succumb to letting the old regime come back into power with the violent removal of a leader who was such a proponent for the environment and the Maldives Culture. Please take the time to comment and share this article. – moneymakerspy



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Online Reputation Management – Step #1: Who are You?

Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

The first step in Online Reputation Management is deciding who you are and who you want to be.

In this case study, my client is Mr. Jay Servidio, his company is Teleteria – a Turn-key Adult Website Company. Jay has been working diligently over the past year with me to improve his customer experience.

His company, Teleteria has been around since 1994 and has a good online reputation with just a few adjustments needed to fit his new and improved online business model.

Teleteria has a great customer satisfaction rating (92% according to Foresee Results Data), but we want to always be on the offensive as to whether the Online Reputation of Teleteria is a direct reflection of this.

We want to be on high alert for anything on the Web that is not our ideal perception of the Brand. The best way to keep tabs on this is through Google Alerts.

Google Alerts will notify us of anything posted to the Internet which matches our predetermined Alert Words or Phrases. In our case we will be setting Alerts for “Teleteria”, “Jay Servidio.”, as well as a few common misspellings and Brand Name variations. Here is how you setup Google Alerts. Continue reading

Online Reputation Management – Rebuilding an Image: Jay Servidio & Teleteria (Case Study)

Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

My good friend Jay Servidio has run a Turn-Key Website Sales Business for many years on the Internet. He has dominated the Industry forever and thus has had tens-of-thousands of customer interactions. Sometimes when customers purchase his Turn-key Website Solutions they have no business being in the Industry in the first place due to having zero Marketing or Customer Service Skills, let alone any knowledge of running a website on their own. They often pay for the initial purchase, and never take any other action, at all. No marketing, no advertising, no SEO, no SEM. This is a huge danger to Jay as it often means that people purchase his products with a false sense of entitlement to succeed-

“If they can do it, I can certainly do it. I am on the Internet all the time, and I go to Websites everyday, this will be a piece of cake”

Before you know it, this non-action-taking Website owner has crashed, burned, and often lost interest in the Website they purchased to be an additional income stream or retirement investment. This often raises emotions of guilt and failure within the Website buyer causing him to spout off all over the Internet about how they have been ripped off, taken advantage of etc. Mainly trying to save face with their spouses for spending the money and others they have bragged to about being the next big Website empire on the Internet. The result is a smeared reputation for my friend Jay and his company Teleteria.

Jay came to me and asked how to remedy this situation and we have decided to build his Online Reputation Management Campaign Transparently in order to give the campaign extra zip regarding it effectiveness as well as to help others who are suffering from this debilitating syndrome of false accusations and smeared online reputations.

Over the next 6 weeks we will be employing dozens if not hundreds of tactics to bring Jay’s reputation, and the reputation of his company Teleteria, back to where it should be. It should rightfully be a direct reflection of the man, his business, and the years of hard work, dedication, and unprecedented customer service the two have provided over the past 25 years. Please follow us on this Rebuilding of an Online Reputation Series, get on our update list here.


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Three reasons you should not sell your products through Amazon | Retail Customer Experience

Secret Marketing Codes

Secret Marketing Codes of the Internet

Before you get excited about selling your retail products through Amazon.com, there are a few things you should know.

Most importantly you should understand amazon’s business model and how it is designed to grow the amazon Brand not yours.

You should also consider that if your product starts to sell in any significant manner, Amazon will go out of it’s way to find a cheaper way to deliver it on a repetitive basis to returning customers.

This means they will either begin to stock your product themselves or display other vendors who sell it cheaper than you. this makes Amazon a bad choice for those who wish to create empires but a good choice for those who just need a vehicle to sell some products.

Please read this article 3 Reasons you should not sell your product on Amazon, it will shed some light on weather or not you should even consider the platform.

Three reasons you should not sell your products through Amazon | Retail Customer Experience.

Howdy, Y’all

In the spirit of WordPress, I’d like to introduce myself using “Howdy.” My name is Michelle, and I’m a new addition to the MoneyMakerSpy team as a guest blogger. While I’m new, I do plan to dive in and start producing interesting content for each of you. Shane, Mark, and co. have given me a pretty amazing opportunity here. I’ve always been really interested in interacting with the public through the interwebs, and I intend to take full advantage of it and learn as much about blogging, content writing, & copy writing as I can.


I’ve perused the site a bit and gathered some intel on its main focuses. The general focus seems to be on universal things we all find important, such as making money for financial security or wealth, the advancement of technology, improving one’s health, coping with the ups and downs of life, and the woes of humanity.


So, now that I know a little about y’all’s interests and the things important to you, here’s a bit about me: I wanna start off by saying I’m really bad at these intro posts/about me things. I always kinda wanna just say something like, “I like things and stuff, I guess.” But that seems slightly vague. Oh…it appears I’m prone to hyperbole and understatement. If that helps you to understand me better.


Basically, I’m a nerd. And I’m a nerd about a few things. I love what I love, and I love these things unabashedly and intensely. These things are: Joss Whedon and all things attributed to him, watching TV, reading, writing, crocheting & crafting, listening to music, eating food, & relaxing with family and friends.


  • Joss Whedon is the man. He’s a writer, a producer, a director, an activist, and King of the Nerds. He’s brought or helped bring us masterpieces such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Dr. Horrible and the Sing-Along Blog, Firefly & SerenityDollhouseCabin in the Woods, Much Ado about Nothing, and, of course, The Avengers. I’m not gonna elaborate on him too much. That’d take way too long.
  • Watching TV: I’m super serious about my television watching addiction. And I don’t use the term addiction lightly. It is indeed an addiction for me. Because of it, every other area of my life has, at one point or another, fallen by the wayside, and not in a good way–as though there could be one, eh? But seriously, I watch a lot of TV. It’s the perfect medium for storytelling. I tend to stick to the following genres: dystopian, apocalyptic & post-apocalyptic, supernatural, horror & psychological thrillers, sci-fi & fantasy, and crime fighting, in one form or another. But like everyone, I like to laugh and I do love comedies, too.
  • Reading: I like fiction, and I’ll read it in just about any format: novel, short story, graphic novel, etc. The genres I read are the same as the ones I watch, with the exception of fantasy. I can’t read it. I just can’t. I have no interest or patience for reading 5,000 words purely describing a bedroom. Nope. I’m not a huge fan of non-fiction, unless it focuses on a subject matter I find compelling, but even then, I tend to always go for fiction. Though, I do tend to read a lot of critical work, whether it’s about other writings, writers, or television.
  • Writing: Naturally, I’m a much better critical writer than a creative writer. The reason behind this is mainly that I’m far too OCD to write creatively. Just setting up the organization of a creative piece causes me too much anxiety. Critical content just meshes better with how my brain works. I also tend to be a bit of a grammar nerd. It’s what I’ve done professionally and scholastically for way too long for it to not be ingrained in my brain. This blogging thing is something I’ve always wanted to do, so I’m glad that’s coming to fruition, finally.
  • Crocheting & Crafting: Crocheting is my main crafting outlet; though, I do other crafts from time to time, too. Primarily, I crochet scarves, beanies, and blankets. Eventually, I plan to donate a lot of the things I make. There are tons of charities out there looking for crocheted items for homeless, babies, and military folk.
  • Listening to Music: I hate the question, “What kind of music do you listen to?” I just hate it. It’s very difficult for me to answer because, well, 1. I find music to be highly personal, and 2. I like a wide-range of music. I like lots of stuff from Led Zeppelin, Florence Welsh, Fiona Apple to Metric, City & Colour, Mumford & Sons, and The Lumineers. I like music that is good and doesn’t make me want to stab myself in the ear with an ice pick, I guess.
  • Eating Food: Food is good. I like it. We all need it. I really like bacon. I’ve also been on a bit of a pesto kick lately. It’s delicious. I’m a fan of cheese and pasta, too. Basically, things that’ll kill most people if they eat a lot of, I eat a lot of. My friends believe that my body runs on dark matter. None of us are quite sure how I haven’t had a heart attack yet (*knock on wood*).


Those are the things I love and why I love them. I’ve got a big family. I have 6 brothers and I’m the only girl. It’s made life interesting and fun. They’re super awesome though. I love my parents. I’ve also got a rather large adopted family. If my friends put up with me for an extended period of time, I adopt them into my family. Putting up with me is no easy task, so they’re rewarded, or trapped, with me forever.


Now for a list of things I’m not so fond of?


  • Orlando, FL: aka the WORST place in the world. It’s where I live, and it’s not awesome, in any way. 1. The weather is crap–year-round. The weather man says it’s 88*, but what this really means is it feels like 190* outside. You’ve gotta factor in humidity. Orlando is all humidity. Also, it rains. All the time, but this confuses people. It confuses people who’ve lived here their whole life. It flabbergasts them, and this dumbfounds me. Which leads to my next point. 2. The traffic. Like anywhere, the weather has an effect on traffic, but in Orlando, it has an extreme effect on it. The rain mysteriously causes Orlando drivers to forget not only what this strange substance is that happens to be falling from the sky, but also how to drive in it. Without fail, it’s like all of the inhabitants of this city suffer from short term amnesia at the onset of rain. On top of that, Orlando is so spread out. If you’ve been to here, you know better than to measure distance in miles. You measure it in time. The time it takes you to get from one place to another. It doesn’t matter if it’s 2 miles down the road. It’ll take you like 15 minutes. You have to include the 8 million traffic lights you’ll stop at. It’s pure insanity. And dangerous. Don’t even get me started on the bugs & wild life, beaches, and theme parks. Ugh.
  • Exercising: that sounds a lot like work. Enough said. No thanks; I did enough of that as a kid.
  • Loud Noises: I’m an easily startled individual, and it’s not so much fun being scared, contrary to popular belief. Loud noises hurt my head and they make me angry.
  • Mathy things: (it’s a word. I promise). It’s not that I don’t understand math. I do. It’s just that I don’t like it, even though it’s what controls this entire universe. I especially don’t like when it starts hanging out with the alphabet. That was the devil’s work, I’m sure of it.


I love learning. My family and I always “joked” that I’d be in school for the rest of my life just collecting a variety of degrees. This was my plan, but apparently those things called bills need this other thing called money, which one can only get from working. Pft. Who knew?


Back in 2012, I graduated with my B.A. in English. I always planned, and still plan, on going to Graduate school, but there are just way too many options. I’ve never been able to decide what I wanted to be when I grew up (which I’m honestly constantly trying to put off–it’s not as much fun as it was advertised). My aspirations for the future changed on what seems like a weekly basis. Why couldn’t I be a lawyer who focuses on the literary and societal merits of the works of Joss Whedon? That’s a thing, right? But then…there’s the sciencey part of me who is super into physics and anatomy and all the cool things the human body can do and does. See my problem?

Professionally, I’ve worked in exactly two industries since I began working when I was 15: the food industry and higher education. They aren’t as dissimilar as many might think. But, I’ve always worked a lot (until recently–I’m currently unemployed). In fact, while I was in college as a full time student, I worked at least 2 jobs. Looking back, I have no idea how I managed all that. I guess sleep wasn’t really a priority.


Well, I suppose that’s enough of me ranting and rambling for now. But you’ll be hearing from me from time to time, and I hope to hear from you.



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