Take Better Pictures – DSLR Tips

Trick Photography & Special Effects - Ultimate Guide 2014

Trick Photography & Special Effects – Ultimate Guide 2014

If you own a DSLR camera, no matter how old or new it is, how expensive or inexpensive it is, you can take amazing photos.

This Video from Evan Sharboneau – founder of PhotoExtremist.com, will get you started off to being an outstanding professional photographer in just minutes.

When your done, get the free guide to DSLR Basics, and then check out the complete guide to Trick Photography & Special Effects.

In the meantime, here is a great video everyone can understand about being a photographer extraordinaire…

SPY GEAR: Brinno Time Lapse Party Camera – BPC100 Review

Spy Gear: Best Amazon Products of the Week

Brinno 360deg Time-Lapse Party Camera



Brinno Party Cam – Back

Brinno BPC100 Party Time Lapse Camera

Not too sure about usefulness, yet novelty-wise this rotating HD Camera is a total must-have item for parties and for that yearly vacation trip with the family to the Grand Canyon.

The Brinno Party Time Lapse Camera includes a model TLC200 f1.2 time lapse video camera and ART100 rotating pan lapse base. Both can be purchased seperately, but what good is one without the other is my thinking.

The rotating pan lapse provides a slowly rotating pedestal for the camera. It rotates 360 degrees in 60 minutes, providing an interesting panning effect. Ideal for shooting parties, scenery or large events.

Includes silicone pads for top and bottom of Pan Lapse. The camera produces ready-to-view time lapse video at the push of a button, with a selectable interval between frames of 0.5 seconds to 24 hours.

Buy it now for cheap on Amazon!

The preview screen allows for precise framing of scenes. Playback the AVI video file on the spot on any OTG-capable smartphone using Brinno’s optional OTG Card Reader to retrieve your video from the camera’s SD card; or use a micro USB cable to retrieve the video file from the camera.

Resolution: 1280 x 720 (16:9). Field of view: 140 Degree .

Includes 2GB SD card (32GB maximum). Powered by 4 AA batteries (included). Here is a resulting time-lapse video which is more telling than you would think regarding the sequence of events that occurred during this video.

I wish they would say how long this took to shoot, and if the time of a single rotation is adjustable…if it was, the possibilities really open up, if the rotation speed is fixed, it is pretty limited. UPDATE: The base makes a single rotation in 60 minutes – what a bummer, it would be cool to range it from 60 min to 24 hour cycles or even a week long cycle…

As a bonus here are my latest Spy Cam Product picks from Amazon:

Stevie Wonder is NOT Really Blind – The Proof

During my investigations of online income streams and hunting-down Internet wealth for moneymakerspy.com, I’m always finding intriguing things about many different topics. Sometimes I find things that surprise me, once in a while, I find something that truly shocks me, so I investigate further, even if it is just for my own information.


Courtesy of Deadspin.com

This was the case today when I found out that Stevie Wonder may not in fact, be Blind at all.

See all the Proof here

The 3 Best & Proven Ways to Make Money Online in 2015

The Truth about Making Money Online

The Truth about Making Money Online. Image courtesy of Tenthamendmentcenter.com

By far the most frequently asked question here on moneymakerspy.com is this:

“What is the easiest way to make money online?”

Admittedly I have never been comfortable in giving out a single, specific answer. But due to the mass amount of  flat-out bad information on the internet, and the billions of dollars spent in the quest for online success, I have forced myself to put out a truthful and useful answer. I will do so in hopes of saving a few of you some serious trial and error time, as well as to save you from spending any hard-earned dollars on useless or misguided solutions.

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Reversing Type II Diabetes Symptoms – Free 2014 Guide

Reversing Diabetic Symptoms Program

Sponsored Link: Reverse Diabetes Program

If you or someone you know is Diabetic and you are searching for up-to-date information, you are in the right place.

I have gathered data on all of the current clinical studies as well as all of the Diabetes Reversal Program Products being sold on the internet, advertised on the radio, and seen on TV.

It’s all right here on one page, and it’s absolutely free information. I also reveal the contents of all of the Diabetes Reversal Programs and have all of the included Guides, Lists, and Materials available for download for free.

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Maldives Climate Change Hoax – Rush Limbaugh’s Environmentalist Wackos

The Island President

The Island President – Netflix movie about Mohamed Nasheed’s fight for the sinking Maldives Islands and Less CO2 levels.

I watched a very compelling movie on Netflix this morning called The Island President, a 2011 documentary about the sinking Maldives Islands and it’s native people who recently brought democracy to their suppressed culture by voting in new President, Mohamed Nasheed.

I watched the movie because of the Netflix description which summarized a new democratic president’s fight to save his multi-Island Country from sinking into the Indian Ocean due to rising sea levels.

The Maldives People believe in a controversial theory that keeping the Carbon Dioxide levels within the Earths atmosphere below 350 ppm will help to maintain cooler planet temperatures, thus reducing polar icecap melting, which is believed to be responsible for the rising sea levels swallowing their Country.

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