Bitcoin Faces Next Hurdle in Race to Scale Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin faces next hurdle to scale into sustainable cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin faces next hurdle to scale into sustainable cryptocurrency.

There is a huge opportunity for Bitcoin Developers to prove their beloved Bitcoin (and Cryptocurrency in general) as being a scale-able digital currency and transaction network.

Bitcoin has been described by some advocates as being the single most important advancement in technology that supports a decentralized economy culture.

A decision regarding bitcoin block-size will determine how Bitcoin will overcome issues related to how to scale up the model and become a sustainable solution as a cryptocurrency.


The Key to Stopping Killers From Exploiting Social Media

Deep. Dark, Secrets of the Internet - Killer Exploiting Social Media

Deep. Dark, Secrets of the Internet

The key to stopping killers from exploiting social media may be to stop everyone from using social media to exploit these mentally ill individuals before they kill anyone in the first place.

There may be value in looking hard at ourselves as a society, and learning how to address the early signs of mentally ill people headed for catastrophic circumstances (that usually show up on these same social media platforms), and doing so with sincerity, concern, and empathy.

In almost every public, mass-killing case (i.e., John Russell Hauser – Louisiana Theater Gunman) the killers used social media before their murderous crimes to express their ideals, problems, and even blatant cries for help, before they pulled the trigger.

We as a society, IN EVERY CASE, chose a response in which we mocked, humiliated, and further separated ourselves from these already introverted personality types. What I found when I retraced the steps of known mass-killing suspects is shocking and disgusting.


How to Hedge Your Retirement Against Financial Collapse – Self-Reliance Series

On a planet with an inherently unstable and fragile financial system, where governments around the world are slashing pensions and central banks are inflat

Source: How to Hedge Your Retirement Against Financial Collapse – Walden Labs

The Online Gambling Pro – Becoming an Advantage Player: No Limit Texas Holdem Poker – pt.4


Americas Cardroom WSOP Packages

Americas Cardroom WSOP Packages

Welcome to Part 4 of The Online Gambling Pro – Becoming an Advantage Player in No Limit Texas Holdem Poker.

I have been playing both Live Poker and Online poker almost daily for about 3 years now.

I had never really played any Poker at all before this challenge of trying to becoming an Advantage Player.

An advantage Player is someone who, in the eyes of industry experts (usually Casino Security) has a distinct advantage against the house in any Casino Game due to an extraordinary level of skill and/or knowledge.

Once you are “tagged” as an Advantage Player in any Table, Card or Video Game, and depending on your Social and Economic Status, you can expect one of several very specific courses of action to occur when entering a Casino, they are as follows:


Lafayette Theater Shooter – John Russell Houser – Are We All To Blame?

CKrhLmjVAAA0lizThere is a lot of news around the man, John Russell Houser, who has been identified to be the man who opened fire with a semi-automatic handgun during a Movie Theater showing of the new film Train Wreck.

It is to me, quite fascinating to look at this man’s thought process as his mind corroded into the last stages of being insane enough to do the horrible, unthinkable things he did in his last moments on this earth.

It is amazing how we as a society, stood around and watched this entire tragedy come to a head. We all watched as John Russell Houser fell ill enough to try to kill a bunch of innocent people, before taking his own life.

We now, stand united, in acting astonished, appalled, even confused, as we all act like we are searching for some super-elusive answers.

Through the internet, we can put together this man’s profile, and look for clues about why he would do something so horrible, and why we all stood around, watched him decay, and then now, claim that we’re astonished, horrified, and deeply concerned for the victims.

What complete bullshit, and we suck as a society who condemns and judges people who are sick and need help.

Even when they cry out loud for help, we poke fun, point fingers, and enable or ignore the inevitable.

Then, when mentally ill people lose control and explode, and commit crimes, we all look at each other and say, “I knew he was weird” or “He showed traits of a madman” and “I knew there was something wrong with that guy”.

But what did anyone do about it.e


in fact, when I looked at all Houser’s posts, each one caught nothing but sarcastic replies, and condescending remarks from his peers. There was not a single sincere response to anything he ever said on the Internet.

Hauser was obviously having a difficult time connecting with other like-minded people and it showed through in his off-base comments that lacked specificity and more mirrored his scattered thought process.

The members at sounded more like middle school kids rather than adults claiming to enjoy political discussions. One post resulted in another member telling Hauser to “try walking out into traffic so you can find what you,re looking for”


Text Your Ex Back – Get Rich Getting Someones Ex-Boyfriend Back

Text Your Ex Back Secret Formula is Sweeping the Internet Marketing Industry with 3.3 million dollars paid to Affiliates thus far.

Text Your Ex Back Secret Formula is Sweeping the Internet Marketing Industry with 3.3 million dollars paid to Affiliates thus far.

Dating has always been a strong niche online.

As the Young, 20 Year Old Internet and still Primitive Internet Marketing Methods evolve, these niche topics get more refined. We simplify and segment until we have targeted a very, very, specific market.

If you are trying to earn online profits by pushing dating sites, porn sites, or even erectile dysfunction products, you are marketing like it is 1995.

OK, maybe not 1995, but I was thinking of that Prince song “and tonight I’m gonna party like its nineteen – ninety – five…

All seriousness aside though, Dating Sites are way old news, and if you are not on the absolute edge of these marketing trends, then you are at best, Marketing with the masses, and making average profits.

This also means you have lost any edge in making huge profits through your Marketing campaigns.


Making Money Online – A War of Hustle, Determination, and Courage

Making Money Online - Business in Today's New World Economy is War.

Making Money Online – Business in Today’s New World Economy is War.

Today, online business is War. Plain and simple.

You absolutely must view it as such, because if you don’t, you will fail.

To be successful in any online business business today ( and make shit loads of money) you must fight, with all your mite, everyday, like it is your last day on earth.

The alternative is to be a failure, as this is eminent if you do not fight like a champion.

Every aspect of business as we used to know it has changed largely due to the Internet and advancements in technology. People behave differently now compared to when you were a kid, or even 2 years ago.

The number one growing demographic on Facebook today is grandparents, and you would be hard pressed to find a 13 year old girl anywhere near Facebook.


Rockhounding – Asheville, North Carolina for Gold, Gems, Rocks and Minerals

Went to the Smiley’s Flea Market on Hendersonville Road in Fletcher NC and bought a Gold Prospecting Kit from the Gemstone and Mineral Lady (Charleen?).

She is at the end of one of the permanent buildings, her and her husband are long-time vendors at Smiley’s. So, for $25 bucks I got one of the green plastic pans, a snuffer bottle, vile, dropper, and a bag of sand to run in the pan for gold. (more…)

Start a Blog, Monetize Your Knowledge – 11 Most Important Tricks

Your Big Idea - Your Dream Come True!

Monetize Your Knowledge – Start a Blog – Share Your Big Idea – Your Dream Come True!

If you love sharing your knowledge and talking with others about a very specific topic, say Mountain Biking for example, you are the perfect type of person to have a Blogging Website.

If you find that others are interested in what you have to say when you talk to them about your passion, and they ask you lots of questions, this is just more evidence that you could have a successful online blog.

Success online is measured differently by different people, and to some making money is a required element.

To others, just having people show up and listen, and having the ability to start a strong dialogue, or the ability to entice others to share is the measure for success.

What ever you goal is, if your passionate, love to share knowledge, and people listen to you, there is a good chance you can be successful online with enough dedication.


Travel to Cuba for US Citizens Gets Easier in 2015

WWII Veteran Robert Belasco enjoys a freshly rolled Cohiba Cigar with Cuban Military Police. Circa 1972

WWII Veteran Robert Belasco enjoys a freshly rolled Cohiba Cigar with Cuban Military Police. Circa 1972

Some of my favorite stories from my childhood were my Uncle Bob’s tales of his travels to Miami and the Island of Cuba.

Uncle Bob was a WWII veteran who stormed the beaches of Normandy. When he returned from Europe, he remained a bachelor and enjoyed traveling about the globe.

He often went to Miami in the winter time, and then take a short trip over to the pristine island of Cuba for a few weeks where he seemed to have too much fun for any one man to have.


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