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Gun Tracking is Here to Stay – The Data However is Up For Debate

Gun Tracking is Here to Stay – The Data However is Up For DebateCompanies are now making electronic gun tracking devices that collect, store. and transmit gun telemetry data. Telemetry is an automated communications process by which measurements and other data are collected at remote or inaccessible points (like a law enforcement officer’s handgun or SWAT Team Member’s assault rifle) and then stored/transmitted to receiving equipment (i.e., at a... Read More »

Online Poker – Winning Free-roll Strategy for America’s Card Room

Online Poker – Winning Free-roll Strategy for America’s Card RoomOne very difficult accomplishment in online poker, is creating a winning strategy for winning free-rolls and other micro-stakes multi-table tournaments. Free-rolls run about every 45 minutes at Americas Card Room (ACR) and these are pretty tough tournaments to make the final table let alone to win one. Expect 300 to 800 players for these free-rolls... Read More »

Alex Beadon – Unlikely Female Authority Figure & One Kick Ass Business Model

Alex Beadon is the last person I would have expected to inspire me, or give me an Ahah! moment. Alex is a passionate well-spoken female authority figure in the Blogging and Lifestyle Coaching Niche. Her Video-heavy Website-network business model is solid, generating profits, and easy to duplicate, at least technically speaking. So how does a Female... Read More »

Statistics Overview of a Winning Online Low Stakes Poker Player

  Achieving the status of a “winning player” in the game of No-Limit Texas Holdem is no easy task these days let alone the task of matching your gameplay to the Statistics of a Winning Online Low Stakes Poker Player. This is due to the game being tougher than ever, and the wide range of opinions when it... Read More »

Affiliate Marketing – Copy My Ultimate Passive Income Business Model

Affiliate Marketing – The Ultimate Online Business Model for Multiple Streams of Passive Income I have studied, researched, and tested every known method of Affiliate Marketing. Learning from all of the best in the business was not cheap, and certainly was not easy. In order to satisfy my obsessive need for thoroughness, I had to... Read More »

Is an Illegal Exploitation, or Ground Breaking Marketing Platform?

Is an Illegal Exploitation, or Ground Breaking Marketing Platform?Today I read a headline: “As Digital Options Dry Up, Marketers Turn Desperate” , a very telling choice of words by the author of the homepage cover story at and reffers to the new controversial Marketing Platform offered by I immediately took issue with Schaefer’s words “As Digital Options Dry Up“, I mean REALLY?... Read More »

SPAOA – Single Parent Alliance of America (Scam – Alert)

SPOA – Single Parent Alliance of America, is an Alleged Fraudulent Opportunist Website that profits from building their email lists, showing members targeted Advertisements and Offers, and selling members’ personal information. SPOA present themselves as a website that helps single parents connect with discounted products and services. Without actually saying it, the site seems to be... Read More »

Top Earning Online Products for 2015

Here are the Top Performing Affiliate Products from ClickBank in 2015. These are products, services and memberships offered here and on the Network. All products are chosen according to our proprietary algorithm which includes several elements i.e., earnings, cost per click (CPC), conversion rate, returns/refund requests, feedback, customer ratings, retention rate, rebill av., and customer satisfaction... Read More »

Some Crop Circles Not a Hoax – Overwhelming Scientific Evidence

This article is an effort by the author to bring documented scientific evidence including reports, research analysis, and group eye witness testimony to light, that disproves reports and theories, by scientists and physics research publication authors, which claim that all Crop Circles are/have been created by Hoax Artists, Circle Fakers, and even Drunken Pub Mates... Read More »

Asheville’s Affordable Housing Crisis – Shocking Facts Reveal Waste, Ignorance, & Incompetence

Asheville’s affordable housing crisis is once again a front page story Headline in the Asheville Citizen Times today. The candidates for Asheville’s City Council have been asked by the Asheville Citizen Times to write a 120 word essay regarding their best solutions for Asheville’s Affordable Housing Crisis. All of the 16 candidates but one responded and... Read More »