Legal Online Poker for Real Money in USA – Shocking Results

Online Poker in the US is 100% Legal

Online Poker in the US is 100% Legal

Like many people, I have for a long time, assumed that playing Online Poker in the USA for real money, is 100% illegal.

This assumption is 100% incorrect and Online Poker in the US is alive, legal, and kicking hard, with soft games, incredible bonuses, rake-backs, and plenty of Freerolls to help build your bankroll risk-free.

The reason most people are unaware of this is because of the thought process that was set into place in the wake of Black Friday.

Most folks are hanging on to the mis-informed media hype that followed Poker’s worst day in history, and most never bothered to follow-up and get the rest of the story.

Recently, I not only sought out the rest of the story, but started to Play Online Poker daily.

I decided to play as much as possible while documenting my progress. My goal was to do a thorough investigative analysis regarding Online Poker Play in the US, as a viable primary or secondary income stream. Here is what I discovered in the past two months while reliving the American Poker Player Dream….

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A Note to Google from Disgruntled Customer, Former Advertiser, Furious Publisher, & Ex-Google Advocate

Google Making Big Piles of Brown

Google Making Big Piles of Brown

Dear Google Support,

Regarding my Adwords account, please advise on the following:

How can I request a refund of my pre-deposited funds?

My account was banned before we even got our campaign completely setup and with no reason offered other than “If you have been suspended, check our policies and procedures and make sure you are in compliance.” WE checked, WE ARE, we then hired a company to scour our web assets to find the non-compliant content or whatever. $6000 later and we resubmit or appeal, same message comes back “If you have been suspended, please…” REALLY?

This how you treat a new advertiser trying to setup an account? Especially a customer who pre-deposited funds for advertising budget? And then you keep our money?

This is disgusting and I will spend my rent money hiring a lawyer to fight this and it is not because of the few hundred dollars you so cowardly kept without reason. No, it is to expose Google for what they are, a corporate bully with leadership that thinks they are above the law.

Wrongfully take money from me or food from my kids’ mouths and I will fight you till the death – count on it.

Regarding you last response to me via email (automated) – I do not think it is in my best interest to close my account before I get a refund as I will no longer have access to any of the account or admin functions that protect me as an account holder with funds in an active account.

I have already taken a couple of financial hits when following vague and grey-area Google policy to a “T” and I will not be had a third time. I will not follow any more automated, canned responses, grey area, instructional, communications that discriminate against those who are not tech savvy or familiar with Google’s policies.

The only part of this experience that was successful, clearly defined, and which I scored an “A” regarding my “Google” compliance, was when I pre-deposited money into my account.

Please, return all money to my account ASAP,

Disgruntled & Former Google Advocate/Customer

Update: 12/20/2014

Still no refund or any additional response from Google. I could have used this money from Christmas gifts for my 3 children.

Funny how Google accepted my credit card (actually not even my card), THEN tightened up it’s reigns and charged me as an out of compliance user, and ultimately keeping all of the money – even before my Adwords account  was completely setup.

Numerous requests for a refund result in automated emails that suggests I cancel my Adwords account and that the cancellation will trigger a refund to the original card holder account.

I remained resistant to this as I knew once I cancelled the account I would lose access to all the administrative tools, plus any access to virtual proof of funds being held by Google.

After a month, I cancelled the account in a desperate last ditch effort to recover my money.

As I expected, Google has not issued a refund, and like tens-of-thousands of others, I am out a significant amount of money due to Google’s illegal actions in flat-out stealing from it’s customers.

These customers are labeled as former, then disgruntled, then forgotten. Google is responsible for almost 30 million US dollars in disputed funds – 92% of those funds will never be returned, the individual cases never settled or resolved.

Google simply just keeps these funds and writes them off as account seizures due to violation of their websites Terms-of-Use or violation of specific account policies.

This is the new organized crime. I can only hope that it will ultimately bring the demise of Google as more and more folks speak out and when Google eventually screws the wrong person or entity.

If you have a Google experience, either good or bad, please share it with everyone in the comments. Any one leaving a comment will recieve a copy of my ebook – Secret Money Codes of the Internet

Shame on you Google and Shame on all those who knowingly participate in theft on Google’s behalf. This includes all of the support staff who, like robots, repeat the same ambiguous, computer generated answers to customer’s questions regarding disputes.

Run It Up – WSOP Bracelet Winner Jason Somerville’s Live Poker Stream

Jason Sumerville

Image Courtesy of

Jason Sumerville One-ups the Hole Card Camera with Greatest Idea in Poker History

Imagine you could tell your favorite NFL Quarterback what play to run next in this years Superbowl right from your livingroom recliner.

Well, for Poker Players and Poker Fans across the Globe, World Series of Poker Bracelet Winner – Jason Sumerville. has made this a reality for you as he Live Streams his Online Tournament Play to his fans for Free.

Using a slight delay on the Twitch Platform which is a Game Streaming Service, Jason openly chats with fans and onlookers as they watch over his shoulder during medium stakes Poker Tournaments and Cash Games.

We are setting up a mirror site here for you to catch all the action. Next Stream is Tonight at 9:30 EST, don’t miss this Industry Changing Event. Keep up the great work (and play) Jason , we’re routing for you buddy!

Watch live video from jcarverpoker on

Google Suggests Autistic People are Demons

Rosie King today on TED Talks tells of her Triumphs with Autism and what happened when she typed “Autistic People Are” into the Google Search Box…

“People are so afraid of variety that they try to fit everything into a tiny little box with a specific label,” says 16-year-old Rosie King, who is bold, brash and autistic. She wants to know: Why is everyone so worried about being normal? She sounds a clarion call for every kid, parent, teacher and person to celebrate uniqueness. It’s a soaring testament to the potential of human diversity.

My 10 year old Son Logan was diagnosed to be within the autistic spectrum at 18 months old. My wife of 17 years, Dana, became a strong proponent for Autism, as well as the human shield that protected my Son from a cruel, Autism-ignorant, society. For the first 8 years of my son’s life, I proudly stood-by, and watched Dana battle for Logan’s rights and fight off attacks from every angle. But I was just a spectator.

I had no idea what an engrossing task it was living with this disorder day-to-day. One summer day in the foothills of the Pocono Mountains, after a 2 hour drive home from my office in Manhattan, I was met in the driveway by Dana, who had that all to familiar smirk on her face. I knew she was in trouble of some sort Continue reading “Google Suggests Autistic People are Demons” »

Free Energy Device Video Scam – Amazing Story of Online Con Artist Exposed

Free Energy Device Scam

Free Energy Device Scam

This is a true story of a man who calls himself “LifeHack2012″, a now infamous YouTuber who went from leading a normal, respectable life (as far as we can tell), in to living the life of a con-man.

A fraud, and a down-right dirty little weasel, who gets his kicks (and his generous income) from seeing others waste their time, money, and energy, while chasing false hopes and empty dreams.


Funny Joke Turns into Full-on Consumer Scam

Whats more is after getting a taste for how easily people are taken advantage of, our guest of honor hear today – LifeHack2012 has made the irreversible decision to ramp things up.

He has decided to go with his scam as a mainline business, making him a low-life opportunist taking advantage of people’s mis-informed trust and understanding.

Here is how he fooled almost 5 Million people with one short deceptive video on YouTube…

the REST of the story…

Philae Doomed – ESA’s Rosetta Mission has One Last Breath

Philae lander on Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko after being dropped by Rosetta satellite - 13 Nov 2014News across the Globe about the ESA Space Mission Rosetta and Philae Lander is reaching a peak.

This makes my stomach a little bit unsettled as it makes me realize I need to be aggressively investigating and publishing valuable content related to the mission.

Bloggers must learn to identify big news and how to leverage it.

It would be irresponsible of me to not attach my message to a news topic with such thrust and longevity.

As I mentioned in this article, I plan on my Daughter’s Grand kids being affected by this story and the content I create during it.

Here is my best shot at telling the truth as I ride the coat-tails of an epic story.

The rest of the Story…

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