Live Streaming Poker – Be a Better Poker Player, Coach, & Fan

Live Poker Streaming - The Future of Online Poker

Live Poker Streaming – The Future of Online Poker

Not too long ago I was struggling with finding the motivation to find and watch any Instructional Poker related videos.

Pre-recorded Poker Tutorials have been, until just recently, my primary source of Continuing Poker Education Content.

When I saw other Poker Players posting similar stories in one my favorite (and most helpful) Poker Forums; Pocket Fives, I got inspired to write this post.

As an average Poker Player, I don’t have a lot to offer the Poker Community in general, but when it comes to Live Streaming Poker, I have a good handle on what’s out there now, how it can help other players improve their game, and what opportunities it might bring to players and coaches alike in the very near future.

I can relate very much to losing interest in Poker Training Videos after consuming a very significant amount of them over the past year.

The good news is I have some suggestions for those of you poker players who are tired of ruffling through the same old poker video content over and over, with anything new and groundbreaking being very, very, rare.

In fact, I believe this post may help others not only improve their Poker Game game, but will also help re-ignite their passion for learning. There is a new trend emerging that will surely help you become a better poker player, a better poker coach, and a better way to share your overall Poker Experience.

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Online Gambling Pro: Become an Advantage Player – Facts, Secrets, and Tools

downloadHave you have ever dreamed of being a professional Poker Player, or a Champion card-counting Black Jack Player?

Maybe, you have fantasized about running an illegal Sports-book Betting operation.

I know I get the urge to fill out my Football Pool Sheet every time I watch a repeat episode of the Sopranos, it’s a captivating lifestyle that seems lucrative, invigorating, and empowering.

If this is an itch you wish to scratch, join me in my adventure into the underground world of online gambling, and see if it is possible for folks like us, to quit our jobs and Gamble for a living.

Obscene Amounts of Cash, Power, Freedom

Here is a look at what I discovered and achieved in the past few months as an online gambling professional, how much cash I was able to make, and all of the secret tools you will need to follow in my footsteps. After reading and studying this documented account of my success you ma be inclined to quit your job and gamble your way to Financial Freedom as a Professional Online Gambler & Advantage Player of Casino Games.



Many, many people in this world gamble for a living, and some of them do very well financially. It is a profession not effected by the volatile financial climate embedded within today’s unstable and stressed out culture.

What I want to know is who is currently experiencing long-term success at doing this, and how much money do they actually make.

I want to know exactly what separates the big winners from the biggest losers.

Most of all, I want to create a bullet-proof blueprint that emulates the habits, methods, and practices of the most successful online gamblers and share it with the World.

Why, you ask?

Well, it’s just what I do.

Success is not Measured Exclusively in Monetary Gain

I am not just seeking the financially successful, but the true, all-around success stories.

I sought out those who thrive in the lifestyle by exhibiting a true sense of happiness, confidence, self-security, serenity, and satisfaction. I found out what seperate the introverted, socially inept Poker Grinders from the outgoing, charismatic, larger than life, gambling pros

I documented all the nuts and bolts, like what games do they play and where they play them?

What do they bet on?, Where do they place there bets?,

Is any of it illegal? Is it ever dangerous?

Are these people addicted to gambling and do they ever get into unrecoverable debt?

What happens if they can’t pay a debt?

Are there really hit men out there who break knee caps if you are late paying your weekly points?

I will answer all of these questions including the big question everyone wants answered: Can you be a professional online gambler and make a shit-ton of money doing it?

This post will be a multi-part series and ultimately turn into an instruction manual for becoming an advantage player who makes a living solely from online gambling.

Bookmark the page and don’t share it with anyone who might one day be your opponent in a high stakes poker game.

I guess my real motivation here is that I know that there are a fair amount of people who do very well as professional Poker Players, Craps Players, Black Jack Players.

So, why can’t you, or I do it?

I am sure you and I must be as smart as some of them. We could learn the ropes as well as anyone else, right?

With all of this in mind, I have spent the last 7 months immersed in the world of Online Gambling. I sized up all of the games, all of the businesses, all of the people, all of the resources. I focused a majority of my efforts on assessing the viability of Online Gambling as a sustainable and profitable profession for the slightly above average Joe.

Right up front I will tell you, you, or I, can absolutely be a successful professional Gambler, and you do not even need an above average IQ or a touch of mathematically inclined Autism. In fact you only need motivation, tenacity, and a good plan or blueprint, a Computer or Internet Connected Device.

The Advantage Player – Great Achievement or Criminal Act

During this research I have myself have become what they call an “Advantage Player” at several different casino games.

Understanding what this means is important. An Advantage Player does not cheat or perform any illegal act. Let’s clarify this with what Wikipedia has to say about the Advantage Player:

Advantage gambling, or advantage play, refers to a practice of using legal ways to gain a mathematical advantage while gambling. The term usually refers to house-banked games, but can also refer to games played against other players, such as poker. Someone who practices advantage gambling is often referred to as an advantage player, or AP.

A skillful or knowledgeable player can gain an advantage at a number of games. Blackjack can be beaten with card counting and sometimes with shuffle tracking. Some video poker games can be beaten by the use of a strategy card[1] devised by computer analysis of the game. Some progressive slot machines can eventually have such a high jackpot that they offer a positive return when played. Some online games can be beaten with bonus hunting.

My self-proclaimed status of being an AP is not something you want everyone to know. Ben Affleck was very recently kicked out of the Ceasars Casino in Vegas for being an Advantage Player. Again, it is not illegal to be an advantage player nor is it illegal to count cards while playing black jack.

Disgusting but True Fact About Casinos – Big Winners are Cheaters

Casinos are private enterprises and can refuse to let anyone play their games for any reason. It is therefore prohibited to count cards at the black jack table and if you are suspected as doing so, you will be asked to leave at the very least. You may find yourself in the “backroom” of the casino. or worse yet laying in the alley behind the casino with some scrapes, bruises, fractures etc.

It all depends how mad the security guy is, or how much you won at the table before they caught on to you. This is another rediculous enomily in the gambling world that motivates me to beat the system.

The casino invites you to play their games, often times the games are titlted with an advantage in the houses favor.

They market their games and amenities all over the world with an invitation to come an get rich playing Black Jack.

But when you come and win at playing Black Jack, they kick you out and claim that you used your brain too much in their game, your an advantage player. and your never allowed back.

What a bunch of horse shit. I think if they are able to deny me play for being too smart, they should at least have to even up their odds at all games.

This is a worthless argument and conversation as we are better off talking about how we can beat the games, how we can go undetected, and how we can integrate this lifestyle into our own lives in a realistic, optimized, time-tested and proven manner.

And, if you ever get kicked out of a casino, this effort of documentation will be considered highly effective and successful, so please let me know of any such result.

What I Achieved in 3 Short Months – A Benchmark for a Dream Come True

Factiod: I, the Moneymakerspy, have for 3 consecutive months in a row, exhibited a positive ROI, playing Limit and No Limit Texas Hold’em, PLO or Pot Limit Omaha, PLO Hi Lo, certain versions of single and 4 deck Black Jack, online Video Poker, as well as playing Roulette and making wagers on Sports Games and other events..

I have optimized my online play to the point of making $18.77 per hour net, which is enough to sustain at least a minimal lifestyle.

I could continue using online gambling as a second income, or go full-time with expectations of doubling my ROI by improving my game play and optimizing my game selection.

I have had week-long streaks of winning over $100 per hour and multi-day streaks of losing up to $14 per hour. Statistics suggest in another 3 months I should be at an average of approximately $29.00 per hour net, but there could be an inevidable platue in my progress.

I call it reaching “Hull Speed”. This is the speed reached by a boat where it would need over double the current horse power to go any faster due to the hull design, friction, force etc.

The same is true for many equations and Gambling Profits may have some factors I have yet to discover.Lets just say I would bet on me to double my profits per hour in another three months if not less.

I have so much room for improvement in all aspects of online gambling  that I truly feel that quadrupling my profits is not out of reach within 6 months.

This is based on what I see others doing and the level of success they have achieved in relatively short periods of time.

You too can achieve this level of success by simply duplicating the methods I have documented here. I have documented the good, the bad, and the ugly, as my research would not be complete unless I explored all available options.

Once I explored the methodologies of many successful online gamblers which include genuine skill-based methods and best practices, as well as unfair and illegal methods of gaining the advantage it was fairly easy for me to make a plan, execute it, and then measure my success.

Once submersed in this new and unfamiliar world, I took the path of least resistance to reach sustainable success. Sustainable Success, for me, must be legal, low-med risk, and morally inline. We don’t want any guilt or regret to build up into weight we can’t carry.

Although some may consider this to be a bit more boring of a path to take, it is not without excitement, thrills, and chills.

We may not break any rules or laws, but we will stretch them to the brink of catastrophic failure which I assure you is not at all boring and often times takes significant guts, courage, and tenacity.

Walking a Very Fine Line Between Moral and Imoral

Gambling is risky business. Anything with too much risk invites catastrophic failure of some element sooner or later..

There are some very strict laws pertaining to online gambling and we need to know our boundries.

Any illegal, or malicious practices, no matter how big or small will invite undue stress, psychological pressures & challenges,  and an environment one would not be able to sustain for any significant length of time without deterioration of the mind, spirit, and overall well-being..

If you are ever faced with stepping over the line to gain an advantage, take my advice and stick to your morals and good common sense.

Avoid these temptations at all costs even if it is a sure thing and no one else will ever know. The guilt, fear, and plain old karma will destroy those who straddle the fence of right and wrong.

One of the things that motivated me to investigate Online Gambling is the fact that I really enjoy playing Poker. I also think I am really good at Poker, or at least I think I COULD be really good at poker.

Discovering the Enjoyment of Playing Poker

A while back, I had a really good friend who was encouraging me to play a lot of Poker. We were together playing online on and, also on the XBox360, and in person or live home games.

We both acquired a very high ranking on the XBox 360 Poker Game. It is quite fun and a unique virtual Poker experience with potential to grow into something but I soon became familiar with the supposedly random card algorithm.

I realized that the dealing of the cards was not in fact random but had patterns that would repeat themselves with great accuracy.

For instance if you were dealt a 6 of Clubs and a 7 of Clubs, you were sure to make the straight, every time. Once we got a handle on the patterns in the algorithm, we were easily able to exploit them and “beat” the game so to speak.

With no real money involved, this quickly became obsurdly boring so we moved on and up.

Unique Virtual Poker Experience

The XBox360 Poker Night Game is unique to any other Poker Experience due to its interactive platform which allows everyone at the table to have an open mic like a big conference call, and the ability to express emotions and gestures through your Avatar.

You can express anger by slamming down chips, stand up for a showdown, show-off with multiple hand-chip manipulation tricks, even sheepishly slide your bet across the table like a scared kitten, all made possible with XBox360’s remote control buttons, levers, triggers, joysticks.

This is the platform I learned to play Poker and I would say it is one of the best platforms to learn the fundamentals of Poker as it has elements of live play as well as elements of online card-rooms.

One thousand YouTube Videos

I watched no less than a thousand Poker Tutorials as well as TV Shows like Poker After Dark, High Stakes Poker, Shark Cage, and WSOP & WPT event archive footage. You can literally put yourself through the equivalent of Poker Collage by watching thousands of online videos from superb Poker Pros, some of which have no business making videos as it hurts their own game by revealing proprietary secrets that they once shared with no other human.

One of my greatest discoveries was the likes of World Series of Poker Bracelet Winner; Jason Sumerville’s YouTube Channel and his live stream on Twitch.

Not only did I learn how to play MTT Poker by watching Summerville’s videos and live streams but I also caught a glimpse of what the future of Poker may look like.

The Future of Online Poker

When Jasn Streams a live Poker Tournament (with 4 min. delay) he has 5 to 7 thousand “railbirds” who use the online chat to route him on, suggest strategies, and ask questions during play.

This is the equivilent of your favorite NFL Quarterback wearing a headset during the game so you can tell him which play to run next. Summerville has put his entire Poker career on hold to dedicate all of his time to the Streaming of Online Tournament Play.

I am not sure if he even realizes how ground breaking his efforts are as he says he is doing it because he enjoys it so much and rarely discusses the impact of what he is doing.

Get in on Sumerville’s live streams and use his YouTube Video Archive as a free Poker School taught by one of the masters of the game.

Stay tuned for my multi-part video series which will be posted in part on Jan 22nd 2015. I had to remove the first video due to some personal information being revealed so the second video will be all that much better, more complete, better quality, and have a bonus 30 minutes of Online Gambling Secrets.

Share, Comment, Complain, and WIN a Brand Spankin’ NEW iPAD w/Keyboard & Case

Please share this, leave your comments, feedback, rants, success or horror stories. In mid February we will choose the best comment and give away a brand new iPad w/Bluetooth Keyboard & Case plus a $50 iTunes (or XBox ONE) Gift Card.

Good luck at everything you do!


Mind Blowing Auto Racing Simulators for Your livingroom

Of course for some of us only the real thing would do

Legal Online Poker for Real Money in USA – Shocking Results

Online Poker in the US is 100% Legal

Online Poker in the US is 100% Legal

Like many people, I have for a long time, assumed that playing Online Poker in the USA for real money, is 100% illegal.

This assumption is 100% incorrect and Online Poker in the US is alive, legal, and kicking hard, with soft games, incredible bonuses, rake-backs, and plenty of Freerolls to help build your bankroll risk-free.

The reason most people are unaware of this is because of the thought process that was set into place in the wake of Black Friday.

Most folks are hanging on to the mis-informed media hype that followed Poker’s worst day in history, and most never bothered to follow-up and get the rest of the story.

Recently, I not only sought out the rest of the story, but started to Play Online Poker daily.

I decided to play as much as possible while documenting my progress. My goal was to do a thorough investigative analysis regarding Online Poker Play in the US, as a viable primary or secondary income stream. Here is what I discovered in the past two months while reliving the American Poker Player Dream….

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A Note to Google from Disgruntled Customer, Former Advertiser, Furious Publisher, & Ex-Google Advocate

Google Making Big Piles of Brown

Google Making Big Piles of Brown

Dear Google Support,

Regarding my Adwords account, please advise on the following:

How can I request a refund of my pre-deposited funds?

My account was banned before we even got our campaign completely setup and with no reason offered other than “If you have been suspended, check our policies and procedures and make sure you are in compliance.” WE checked, WE ARE, we then hired a company to scour our web assets to find the non-compliant content or whatever. $6000 later and we resubmit or appeal, same message comes back “If you have been suspended, please…” REALLY?

This how you treat a new advertiser trying to setup an account? Especially a customer who pre-deposited funds for advertising budget? And then you keep our money?

This is disgusting and I will spend my rent money hiring a lawyer to fight this and it is not because of the few hundred dollars you so cowardly kept without reason. No, it is to expose Google for what they are, a corporate bully with leadership that thinks they are above the law.

Wrongfully take money from me or food from my kids’ mouths and I will fight you till the death – count on it.

Regarding you last response to me via email (automated) – I do not think it is in my best interest to close my account before I get a refund as I will no longer have access to any of the account or admin functions that protect me as an account holder with funds in an active account.

I have already taken a couple of financial hits when following vague and grey-area Google policy to a “T” and I will not be had a third time. I will not follow any more automated, canned responses, grey area, instructional, communications that discriminate against those who are not tech savvy or familiar with Google’s policies.

The only part of this experience that was successful, clearly defined, and which I scored an “A” regarding my “Google” compliance, was when I pre-deposited money into my account.

Please, return all money to my account ASAP,

Disgruntled & Former Google Advocate/Customer

Update: 12/20/2014

Still no refund or any additional response from Google. I could have used this money from Christmas gifts for my 3 children.

Funny how Google accepted my credit card (actually not even my card), THEN tightened up it’s reigns and charged me as an out of compliance user, and ultimately keeping all of the money – even before my Adwords account  was completely setup.

Numerous requests for a refund result in automated emails that suggests I cancel my Adwords account and that the cancellation will trigger a refund to the original card holder account.

I remained resistant to this as I knew once I cancelled the account I would lose access to all the administrative tools, plus any access to virtual proof of funds being held by Google.

After a month, I cancelled the account in a desperate last ditch effort to recover my money.

As I expected, Google has not issued a refund, and like tens-of-thousands of others, I am out a significant amount of money due to Google’s illegal actions in flat-out stealing from it’s customers.

These customers are labeled as former, then disgruntled, then forgotten. Google is responsible for almost 30 million US dollars in disputed funds – 92% of those funds will never be returned, the individual cases never settled or resolved.

Google simply just keeps these funds and writes them off as account seizures due to violation of their websites Terms-of-Use or violation of specific account policies.

This is the new organized crime. I can only hope that it will ultimately bring the demise of Google as more and more folks speak out and when Google eventually screws the wrong person or entity.

If you have a Google experience, either good or bad, please share it with everyone in the comments. Any one leaving a comment will recieve a copy of my ebook – Secret Money Codes of the Internet

Shame on you Google and Shame on all those who knowingly participate in theft on Google’s behalf. This includes all of the support staff who, like robots, repeat the same ambiguous, computer generated answers to customer’s questions regarding disputes.

Run It Up – WSOP Bracelet Winner Jason Somerville’s Live Poker Stream

Jason Sumerville

Image Courtesy of

Jason Sumerville One-ups the Hole Card Camera with Greatest Idea in Poker History

Imagine you could tell your favorite NFL Quarterback what play to run next in this years Superbowl right from your livingroom recliner.

Well, for Poker Players and Poker Fans across the Globe, World Series of Poker Bracelet Winner – Jason Sumerville. has made this a reality for you as he Live Streams his Online Tournament Play to his fans for Free.

Using a slight delay on the Twitch Platform which is a Game Streaming Service, Jason openly chats with fans and onlookers as they watch over his shoulder during medium stakes Poker Tournaments and Cash Games.

We are setting up a mirror site here for you to catch all the action. Next Stream is Tonight at 9:30 EST, don’t miss this Industry Changing Event. Keep up the great work (and play) Jason , we’re routing for you buddy!

Watch live video from jcarverpoker on

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