The 3 Best & Proven Ways to Make Money Online in 2015

The Truth about Making Money Online

The Truth about Making Money Online. Image courtesy of

By far the most frequently asked question here on is this:

“What is the easiest way to make money online?”

Admittedly I have never been comfortable in giving out a single, specific answer. But due to the mass amount of  flat-out bad information on the internet, and the billions of dollars spent in the quest for online success, I have forced myself to put out a truthful and useful answer. I will do so in hopes of saving a few of you some serious trial and error time, as well as to save you from spending any hard-earned dollars on useless or misguided solutions.

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Facts About Reversing Type II Diabetes Symptoms – Free 2014 Guide

Reverse Diabetes Program

Reverse Diabetes Program

If you or someone you know is Diabetic and you are searching for up-to-date information, you are in the right place.

I have gathered data on all of the current clinical studies as well as all of the Diabetes Reversal Program Products being sold on the internet, advertised on the radio, and seen on TV.

It’s all right here on one page, and it’s absolutely free information. I also reveal the contents of all of the Diabetes Reversal Programs and have all of the included Guides, Lists, and Materials available for download for free.

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Maldives Climate Change Hoax – Rush Limbaugh’s Environmentalist Wackos

The Island President

The Island President – Netflix movie about Mohamed Nasheed’s fight for the sinking Maldives Islands and Less CO2 levels.

I watched a very compelling movie on Netflix this morning called The Island President, a 2011 documentary about the sinking Maldives Islands and it’s native people who recently brought democracy to their suppressed culture by voting in new President, Mohamed Nasheed.

I watched the movie because of the Netflix description which summarized a new democratic president’s fight to save his multi-Island Country from sinking into the Indian Ocean due to rising sea levels.

The Maldives People believe in a controversial theory that keeping the Carbon Dioxide levels within the Earths atmosphere below 350 ppm will help to maintain cooler planet temperatures, thus reducing polar icecap melting, which is believed to be responsible for the rising sea levels swallowing their Country.

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Online Reputation Management – Step #1: Who are You?

Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

The first step in Online Reputation Management is deciding who you are and who you want to be.

In this case study, my client is Mr. Jay Servidio, his company is Teleteria – a Turn-key Adult Website Company. Jay has been working diligently over the past year with me to improve his customer experience.

His company, Teleteria has been around since 1994 and has a good online reputation with just a few adjustments needed to fit his new and improved online business model.

Teleteria has a great customer satisfaction rating (92% according to Foresee Results Data), but we want to always be on the offensive as to whether the Online Reputation of Teleteria is a direct reflection of this.

Here is how we put a comprehensive plan into action.

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Online Reputation Management – Rebuilding an Image: Jay Servidio & Teleteria (Case Study)

Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

My good friend Jay Servidio has run a Turn-Key Website Sales Business for many years on the Internet. He has dominated the Industry forever and thus has had tens-of-thousands of customer interactions. Sometimes when customers purchase his Turn-key Website Solutions they have no business being in the Industry in the first place due to having zero Marketing or Customer Service Skills, let alone any knowledge of running a website on their own. They often pay for the initial purchase, and never take any other action, at all. No marketing, no advertising, no SEO, no SEM. This is a huge danger to Jay as it often means that people purchase his products with a false sense of entitlement to succeed-

“If they can do it, I can certainly do it. I am on the Internet all the time, and I go to Websites everyday, this will be a piece of cake”

Before you know it, this non-action-taking Website owner has crashed, burned, and often lost interest in the Website they purchased to be an additional income stream or retirement investment. This often raises emotions of guilt and failure within the Website buyer causing him to spout off all over the Internet about how they have been ripped off, taken advantage of etc. Mainly trying to save face with their spouses for spending the money and others they have bragged to about being the next big Website empire on the Internet. The result is a smeared reputation for my friend Jay and his company Teleteria.

Jay came to me and asked how to remedy this situation and we have decided to build his Online Reputation Management Campaign Transparently in order to give the campaign extra zip regarding it effectiveness as well as to help others who are suffering from this debilitating syndrome of false accusations and smeared online reputations.

Over the next 6 weeks we will be employing dozens if not hundreds of tactics to bring Jay’s reputation, and the reputation of his company Teleteria, back to where it should be. It should rightfully be a direct reflection of the man, his business, and the years of hard work, dedication, and unprecedented customer service the two have provided over the past 25 years. Please follow us on this Rebuilding of an Online Reputation Series, get on our update list here.


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Three reasons you should not sell your products through Amazon | Retail Customer Experience

Secret Marketing Codes

Secret Marketing Codes of the Internet

Before you get excited about selling your retail products through, there are a few things you should know.

Most importantly you should understand amazon’s business model and how it is designed to grow the amazon Brand not yours.

You should also consider that if your product starts to sell in any significant manner, Amazon will go out of it’s way to find a cheaper way to deliver it on a repetitive basis to returning customers.

This means they will either begin to stock your product themselves or display other vendors who sell it cheaper than you. this makes Amazon a bad choice for those who wish to create empires but a good choice for those who just need a vehicle to sell some products.

Please read this article 3 Reasons you should not sell your product on Amazon, it will shed some light on weather or not you should even consider the platform.

Three reasons you should not sell your products through Amazon | Retail Customer Experience.

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