Use Thorium LIFT Nuclear Technology to Save The Planet… Oh, and Cure Cancer too.

Can Thorium LFTR Reactors Save the Planet?

Can Thorium LIFT Reactors Save the Planet?

Imagine solving all of our energy problems. All of them.

Then imagine if we solved the Planets energy issues in such a way that there was no more need, at all, for any of the current energy sources we are using.

No more need for fossil fuels like oil, coal, natural gas. No more need for renewable energies like Solar, Wind, or Hydro…

No more need to mine, drill, fracture, clear-cut, refine, burn, none of it.

What if there was a safe way to cut all of these, using a safe, carbon emissions-free technology, which we already invented back in the 1940s.

A technology we also buried because it could not be used to make bombs which was our priority then. Remember the Manhattan Project?

How a Thorium Powered LIFT Reactor Works.

How a Thorium Powered LIFT Reactor Works.

Well, there is no need to imagine this scenario because it is a reality, and some of the worlds smartest people in the world are fighting very hard to get you on board.

What is this miracle technology?

The answer is Thorium and LIFT or LFTRs. Thorium, when using LFTRs is safe, efficient, and there is an endless supply of it, literally.

There are many source you can find about this technology, but to save you some time, a YouTuber – Free Documentaries has taken the best of the best, news, footage, and content about Thorium LIFT Technology and put it into a 1 hour and 45 min video.

Please  consider watching it for yourself and make up your own mind. I have chosen to promote this film and be an advocate for the use of Thorium LIFT Technology.

Our civilization can use LIFT to save the planet, so we can get back to all the cool, fun shit, we used to spend our time doing before we realized we were ruining the planet.

Kirk Sorensen, the worlds biggest advocate for Thorium-based Energy, often speaks about his friend, Jim, who owns a rare earth mine in Missouri, USA – right here in America.

Sorensen describes his friends mine as “a nice mine, maybe slightly better than the average rare earth mine, but nothing special really”.

When Sorensen asked his friend Jim, how much Thorium he might come across during a normal mining year, Jim replied, “about 5000 Tons.

5000 Tons is a normal amount of Thorium to come from the average rare earth mine in Missouri. The current process for Thorium yielded from mining other more valuable rare earth minerals is to dispose of it, it is harmless in this state.

Well, 5000 Tons of Thorium is enough to safely supply the entire planet with energy for an entire year and with no adverse effects to our environment.

If this doesn’t get the hair on your neck to stand up, you may just be dead. Also, consider Obahma

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Ambarella (AMBA) – Buy Low Power 4K Ultra High Definition Video SoC Micro-processor Stocks

The DJI Inspire 1 contains a Low Power Ultra High Definition Video Micro-Processor made by Ambarella Inc.

The DJI Inspire 1 is a Consumer-grade RC Drone made for Arial Photography and contains a Low Power Ultra High Definition Video Micro-Processor made by Ambarella Inc.

Why you should buy Ambarella (AMBA – NASDAQ) Stock, Maker of Low Power 4K Ultra High Definition Video from Amberella Micro-processors.

Everyone wants to know which new company, start up or hot Penny stock will be the next big thing, the next Google, Intel, Apple, or even Microsoft.

Ten-large invested in any of these companies when they started out is now a small fortune, and enough to retire very comfortably.

I get a lot of tips, tricks, and tactical strategies from the 50 or so Day-trading and stock trading email lists. Newsletters, and alert services that I belong to.

I use the information from the most trustworthy experts along with my personal research, to spot trends, identify investment opportunities, and to create content for one of my own Stock-Trading Related Email Newsletters which has about 12,000 subscribers, all of who wish to one way or another, make a fortune on the stock market. (To get on this free list and get a free copy of the Secret Stock Calendar Click Here.)

When publishing a newsletter that makes predictions and gives advice regarding the stock market or an investment opportunity, you must do a ton of homework, and be super careful, leave no stone un-turned.

Long-term accuracy and attention to detail are a must when you have 12,000 pairs of open ears who trust, and depend on your opinion. Needless to say, running a Stock Trading Email Newsletter is a huge responsibility and I take it very seriously.
It is only with the writing of this very article that I, for the first time, am writing a recommendation, or making a prediction with complete, 110%, confidence and with no reservations.

So lets get to the meat and potatoes of which company I think will be the next financial investment equivalent of Apple, Google, or Intel, it is a small company called Amberella.

Ambarella, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMBA) is a developer of low-power, high-definition (HD) and (4K)Ultra HD video compression and image processing micro-processors.

The company’s products are used in a variety of HD and Ultra HD cameras including security IP-cameras, sports cameras, wearable cameras, flying cameras and automotive video camera recorders.
Ambarella compression chips are also used by countless companies in broadcasting TV programs worldwide.

Read that last two sentences again, a couple times in fact. Try to wrap your head around the market potential for Amberella and their SoC (System on Chip) Chips.

The target products for these Low-Power Ultra High Definition Video Processors represent a dozen or more seriously cutting edge technology markets.

Wearable Streaming Cameras, like Google’s new Helpouts Cams for their Helpout Network – a Real-time Expert Advice Network and with 30 million expected users sending and receiving HD video on this service alone, Helpout Cams are already a huge industry market for Amberalla by themselves.
Amberalla could make the history books with this deal alone but there is no time to gloat as we are too busy jamming these Ambarella chips into so many other existing, new, and upcoming devices.
A company called DJI just released its new consumer-level Arial Photgraphy Platform. The RC Quad-copter Drone called the DJI Inspire comes with a built-in 3D Gimbal and 4K Camera which will stream 4K Video at 60 Frames Per Second.
The Ambarella Processor in this machine supports two lens cameras which in this case provide an FPV view for the pilot of the craft and then a second view for the Camera/Gimbal operator.
This puts the awesome power of Ultra HD Ariel Photography in the hands of middle-class consumers`and new businesses and industries are sprouting up anywhere and everywhere because of this product alone.
Entrepreneurs are getting there hands on the DJI Inspire-1, and other comparable Drone Technologies and starting Ariel Photography Companies, Real Estate Sales Video and Photo Services, Roof Inspection Services, Crop Analysis and agricultural planning companies, Film Production Companies, Media & Marketing Companies…all from one product, in one sub industry, of the many core industries of which the Amberella Chip leads all trail-blazing efforts.
Ever heard of a GoPro Camera? Guess who makes the Video Processor inside of it?
You guessed it, Amberalla.
Let’s see, what other products and services utilize a high Definition Camera or need to stream Ultra High Definition Video using very low power?


Hmmm…, I know!
How about every iPhone, iPad, Tablet, laptop, PC, Mac, iMac, Cell Phone, Security Cam, Nanny Cam, Porn Cam (Porn is a big one), DSLR, video camera, smart TV, helmet cam, car cam, dashboard cam, cop cam, I could go on and on and on.

It is probably safe to say, that soon, even the NFL players in the Monday Night Football Game, as well as other athletes in just about every sport, will soon be wearing Streaming Cameras on their bodies, gear, and helmets, all containing the Amberella Chip Technology.

There are many significant online services and platforms that will also drive the sales of products containing the Ambarella Chips, like Google Hangouts, and YouTube. This represents tens of millions of users who make videos daily using all kinds of cameras and video recording devices. One of the hottest new trends is Arial Photography using remote control Drones, Helicopters, Airplanes, Quad-copters, Hexi-copters, Octo-copters…all have these device/vehicles contain the Ambarella chip.

Now why is Ambarella “the” chip to have in your device, and why is it so unique in a market that’s full of chip makers?

Well the Ambarella CoS (System on Chip) micro-processor does a lot of things other chips can not do yet, it streams higher definition imagery, faster, longer, using less power, and with the least amount of distortion and data loss.

In January 2015, it released its latest integrated SoC. Fermi Wang, President and CEO of Ambarella, explained,

“The adoption of 4K Ultra HD video has been accelerating across consumer electronics markets, the new Ambarella H1 will enable a new generation of sports and flying cameras with high frame rate Ultra HD video, bringing professional-quality film making to the consumer.”

Watch this YouTube video to see what kind of power these chips put into the hands of consumers. The video is made by an ordinary person with a passion for film making using a $2000 RC Drone. This fooage, just a year or two ago would have cost tens of thousands of dollars and required years and years of training in several disciplines to achieve:

Ambarella also produces an A12W ultra-low-power HD camera (SoC) which can encode a full HD video stream and a second HD stream for dual-lens cameras.

It also features Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) for stable video recording during motion.

The A12W supports long battery life requirements of wearable security cameras of which soon, every local law enforcement officer will be wearing during their shifts.

Others will catch up to Amberella, but they have a decade head-start and are locking down key, game-changing contracts, with all the super-power companies that even touch HD Video a little bit.

The stock rose from $20 to $70 just recently and should have no trouble hitting $85 in the next 6 months. That is a $15 per share earning and it will hit this price, probably sooner rather than later.

Before I send you off to your trading account so you can scoop up some shares of Amberella (NASDAQ: AMBA) think about this: one dollar invested in Tobacco back in 1900, is now worth $32,000,000.

I think Ambarella is the equivalent of an investment in say Phillip Morris about 115 years ago – less the killing off of humanity through toxic cancer causing chemicals part.

Start buying shares of Amberella, even if it is one at a time, and rest assured that your money will be in a safe and solid investment, one that could potentially be life changing.
Good Luck and try to remeber me when you get paid. If you do, give a couple dollars to the Autism Speaks Foundation, and tell’em the Moneymakerspy said hello.

My son Logan was diagnosed as being within the Autistic Spectrum at 18 months old, and Autism Speaks is a great organization that raises money and awareness all over the world, helping thousands of kids and their families. They can make great use of a couple dollar donation.

Thank for Stopping by, please subscribe, share if you can, and please leave your thoughts in the comments section, I read and respond to every single one and love to hear what you are thinking.
Additional Information about Ambarella:
Ambarella is the recipient of the Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA) 2010, 2011, and 2012 award for “Most Respected Private Semiconductor Company”.
Ambarella became a public company in 2012 and has since received the GSA 2013 award for “Favorite Analyst Semiconductor Company” as well as the GSA 2014 award for “Most Respected Emerging Public Semiconductor Company”.
The CEO, Feng-Ming (Fermi) Wang, has received a Glassdoor rating of 100%. The company itself has a Glassdoor rating of 4.1 stars out of 5

2004 • Ambarella founded
2005 • A1 introduced, a single-chip 1080i60 H.264 broadcast-class encoder
2006 • First Ambarella-enabled consumer-level HD video cameras in mass production
2007 • A2 introduced and chosen by consumer electronics brands
2008 • A3 introduced, a single-chip 1080p60 H.264 broadcast-class encoder
2009 • A5 introduced, a 65-nm video and still picture camera chip
• A6 broadcast HD encoder and transcoder introduced
2010 • A5s introduced, Ambarella’s first 45-nm chip
• A7 introduced, a 45-nm 1080p60 HD camera chip
2011 • iOne introduced, a camera applications processor for Android-based smart
camera-centric devices
• A7L introduced, Ambarella’s first 32-nm 1080p60 camera SoC
2012 • S2 introduced, an Ultra HD 4K encoder chip targeting the IP camera market
2013 • A9 introduced, an Ultra HD 4K camera SoC
• A7LA introduced, an automotive camera SoC
2014 • MotorVu™ 360 introduced, a 4-channel automotive camera solution
• S2L introduced, a 28-nm 1080p120 IP camera chip
• S3 introduced, an Ultra HD 4Kp30 H.265/HEVC and 4Kp60 H.264/AVC IP Camera SoC
2015 • A12W introduced, a 28-nm wearable camera SoC
• H1 introduced, an Ultra 4Kp60 H.264/AVC and 4Kp30 H.265/HEVC sports and flying camera SoC

Diagnosis: Autism – The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful

Diagnosis: Autism

Diagnosis: Autism

If you or someone you know has recently received an Autism Diagnosis, for a child, a friend, or loved one, use this information as a step-by-step guide to help process the news, and gain the necessary perspective to allow your journey to be one of enlightenment, and empowerment.

If you are scared, worried, or angry, this is normal and will pass very quickly. If it is your child who has been diagnosed, your instincts will very quickly replace tour fear and anger with curiosity, motivation, and a passion to do what is best for your child. Determination is a powerful emotion that overshadows almost all others.

If it is guilt you are feeling, remind yourself this is out of your control and you can only control what happens going forward. You are most likely not responsible for your child having Autism, this is true regardless of your past history with drugs, alcohol, or exposure to poor environmental conditions

  • we just do not know enough yet and Autism happens to all types of people regardless of their past, race, genetics, physical health
  • so stop blaming yourself and realize that you have not been stricken with some curse, but rather you have been chosen to be a part of something quite extraordinary.

If you approach things with the proper perspective, it will prove to be the most enlightening and empowering experience of your life.

Autism is a beautiful thing. I know because I live with it everyday.

If I can successfully deal with this syndrome every single day, then anyone on the face of this planet can as well.

It is not easy for me and my two non-autistic children, or for my 10 yr old son Logan, who has Autism. It is definitely a dominating element in all of our lives, but we are better because of it.

We’re better people, we are smarter, we are closer, we are more equipped, we are more tolerant, more empathetic, we are stronger, braver, and more optimistic than most people. All of this is largely due to us living with Autism, everyday of the week.  How could something that gives you all of these things be something that is horrible?

Autism is not horrible, and it is what ever you make it out to be – it is ultimately, a decision of weather you want to have a really rough time and seek sympathy, or make the very best of it and kick the entire world in the ass.

Logan having Autism has also has allowed me, and all of us, a very rare, first-hand glimpse into a realm of the not yet fully understood capability of the human mind, and the complex potential held within the human brain and nervous system. My son does things every day that astonish me, and this makes my life well worth living.

“Most people, about 98%, go through life in complete oblivion…, others, about 2%, go through life in a state of shear astonishment and amazement. Those 2%ers, live a life truly worth living, the other 98%, not so much.
“- Anthony Robbins

I just found out my child has Autism, what now?

The first thing we need to do when hit with a situation such as an Autism Diagnosis is to open our eyes, try and recognize the wonder in everything around you, try to get connected with how astonishing it is that we, as humans, are here in this amazing place.

An optimistic attitude and open mind will allow you to prepare yourself for what you are about to experience with your loved one and their Autism.

Things at first might seem unrewarding but we have to experience adversity to really appreciate what we achieve in the long-term.

Only thing is, life is short, so don’t waste any time in accepting this perspective as a necessity, and one you must acquire as quickly as  possible.

It takes a Village of Villages…


The best way to get to this grateful state of mind is by talking to others who will inspire you. Look to online communities who are dealing with some of the same challenges as you are.

I also started an online forum for people like us who are dealing with Autism or similar Neurological disorder. It is still new so your participation is needed so we can build up a strong community of support.

I will also personally answer any questions you may have if you post them in the Autism Tweaks Forums.

What has Autism done for you lately?

Autism has changed the way I view people all people in general, it has taught me to be tolerant, helped me to be patient, and allowed me to truly be more forgiving.

If you asked me today if I would “cure” my son of his Autism, I would honestly say yes, but I am not sure that is the right decision, and I doubt this decision enough to know I never want to be faced with that decision.

When the Doctor tells you your child has Autism, it can be a big blow, I know because I remember that day like it was yesterday.

Don’t be a douche-bag…


To tell you the truth, it didn’t bother me as much as it does some parents – the Autism diagnosis that is. I have found that the people who are bothered most by an Autism diagnosis are those who highly value the opinions of others, those who seek acceptance among social groups, materialistic-types, shallow people etc.

These types of people get scared, disappointed, angry, and seek blame not because they are worried for their child, but because they are worried about themselves, and how they, and their child will be viewed among their peers.

Some folks are just plain horrified that they may have to be associated with a child who is not “perfect” or “normal”, and that all of their dreams of a perfect little boy or a perfect little girl are somehow now destroyed. “what will the neighbors say when they find out we have a child who is Developmentally Challenged?”

Take care of you first, and then prepare the other Family members who will be affected by the disorder on a daily basis


I think fear and anger are normal for everyone to some extent, but these emotions should very quickly be substituted by a passion to nurture and protect your child.

There is also a large level of honor in being able to experience extraordinary things that most people will never have the opportunity to understand or be a part of.

Any animosity, anger, self-pity, needs to be left behind now and forever so do what it takes to get to that place.

If your having trouble with this, you may need to do some soul searching to figure out why you view this as such a devastating situation and not an opportunity to be even more involved in your child’s life than you had first imagined.

Not everyone who is angry has a social hang-up or self-confidence issues, it may be a mental health issue, depression, or something best worked out with a professional.

Don’t be proud, time is wasting, get help if you need it. You child will not benefit from anything you do if your sick, distracted, not there all together – you gotta be on your game or at least headed in that direction most of the time.

No one is perfect, we all have bad days, just remember no matter how bad you think your day is, someone else is having a much worse day than you are, so be grateful that someone is not you.

As an autistic parent my goals are not to find a cure, or have my son recover, but more to optimize the good things Autism (my son) has to offer (and there are many) and to minimize the bad things that cause us problems. This is the same thing every parent does for their child with or without Autism. Build strengths, eliminate weaknesses.

When you think of it this way, your situation is quite normal in fact, you and your child face the same issues as any other family autism or no autism, only you get to be a part of something very special, enlightening, and empowering.

Consider yourself blessed, or lucky, and do everything in your power to look at this as an opportunity instead of a curse. Master this, and you will have endless wonderful experiences with your child.

To me, my Son Logan is absolutely perfect and I can not imagine him as being anything other than exactly what he is today, including his Autism and all of the quirky little things that come along with it.

You too will feel this way very soon, so don’t worry if you are having strange thoughts as it is normal to do so when you are thrown this far out of your comfort zone.

A large part of dealing with Autism in a successful manner is to allow the natural instinct we all have to kick-in – and it will kick in after the shock or surprise of the initial diagnosis wears off. Instinct will get you through enough to survive the ordeal, thriving in this situation comes from support, knowledge, experience, and most importantly, unconditional love..

The best way you can prepare yourself, and others who are affected this situation is to tell them what is going on, what to expect, and what the strategy is for making the best of it.

Also let them know the up-sides to the disorder, and make this the primary focus at first. Collect data, supporting facts and documented evidence in the form of forum posts, videos, books, stories, articles that depict amazing achievements and extraordinary events related to an individual who has Autism.

Show them what humans can achieve only because of Autism, these are the “super-powers” of the syndrome and they are vast in every way imaginable. Show them the “Autistic Wonders of the World” thread in the Autism is Beautiful Forum.

My Son Logan is a beautiful human being who is super-happy, extraordinarily vibrant, genius smart, extremely independent (much more independent than his siblings) and he teaches us all something extraordinary every single day.

People adore him and he exhibits a level of kindness and purity you can not explain other than these mannerisms are totally different that those you would experience with a child who is not within the Autistic Spectrum.

I just love a Narcissistic kid, but not in the serial killer kind of way!

I have come to love and deeply appreciate my Son’s lack of social awareness, and other anti-social personality traits. I have, over time, come to cherish the many things about Autism that other parents or professionals would normally try to eliminate, cure, or minimize.

Some of the “tagged” adverse effects of Autism are not in fact adverse at all, to me anyway. This is where the syndrome gets interesting as you will find yourself constantly rethinking things you thought were set in stone, especially about things related to child behavior, social relationships, neurological development, everything really.

“My son Logan is in a special class to learn how to be more like mainstream kids, but we should put mainstream kids in a special class to learn how to be more like him.” – S. Hopkins

My Son who is 10 years old, he is a fraternal twin and it was very obvious at just over a year after they were born that Logan and his twin brother Luke, were quite different. Logan, early on exhibited lack of social awareness, never made eye contact, started to participate in long sessions of simple solo repetitive play – rolling the truck back and forth while focusing ever so closely at the turning tires.

I knew, even before we had him tested he was Autistic or had a similar “disorder”. Intensive in-home therapy began immediately following his diagnosis and 4 specialist visited the house 4-5 times a week. It helped all of us cope and help Logan balance out some of his quirky personality traits and behavioral abnormalities.

It also helped him to refine some of his super-powers (which all autistic kids posess to some extent) and we soon learned that Logan had a great mind and was able to learn much faster than “normal” children. Reading, drawing, math, music, other languages, all of these things were being mastered by Logan at lightning speed.

The adverse effects were insomnia, jumping and yelling, refusal to acknowledge others when queued, poor bathroom habits, some fecal smearing, cluttering of words, and later on he began to bolt, take off, wonder, whatever they are calling it now, I call it running away.

Logan until just recently ran away up to 7 times a day. He became a Houdini-level escape artist. short of tying him up, we could not keep him in one spot.

Many people have offered there advice on this and some seem to think they could easily keep a child like Logan in a safe and stationary state but until you experience it with your own child, you have no idea how hard this can be. No one can not go to the bathroom, or take shower, or look that way.

This is all it would take for Logan to detect an opportunity to vanish, usually undetected for at least a few minutes. He has gotten as far as 3 -4 miles away but usually would only get about a few hundred feet away before we would “capture” him.

Every sheriff in our county had Logan’s photo on the dashboard of their cruisers and they captured him several times after I got smart and stopped “looking” for him first and instead when he went missing, just immediately dialed 911 before doing any searching at all.

This proves to be the best method and the safest way to handle a wondering loved one whether it be an Autistic Child or a wondering adult with Alzheimer’s .

Logan always wore an RF Bracelet from project Lifesaver but we moved to a place where they do not support the program even in spite of my offer to help with all of the grant and funding paperwork.

A word of warning to those who have GPS Tracking Bracelets or FOBS for the Autistic Children, they are not as effective as RF Trackers and GPS signals are lost or ineffective under water and behind fortified structures such as cinder-block walls (basements).RFS (Radio Frequency Signal) is effective in these situations and can be tracked even if the unit is several meters under water (God forbid) or deep in a solid-block walled basement.


Logan has an I.E.P. or “Individual Education Program”, and Luke is just in with the mainstream kids who follow a mainstream program.

Logan almost never gets in trouble, he comes home everyday just as happy as the day before. Luke on the other hand has all sorts of troubles, weather it be difficulty with academics, obedience, lots of social altercations, detention for talking too much, not listening, forgotten homework or reading logs, he has even come home crying several times due to another student hurting his feelings or embarrassing him.

Consider now, one can not, no matter how hard one might try, hurt Logan’s feelings in any way with verbal or physical action. No one can hurt his feelings or embarrass him, not even me. He has not developed the same Social Awareness as Luke.

Most Professionals, and most of Society, say this is Logan experiencing a retardation of Social Skills, Social Awareness, and Social Realization (and here is our first example of rethinking something we thought was set in stone).

He does lack empathy, is concerned with the things that immediately effect him short and long term. He is narcissistic in a sense that he`looks out for himself and is completely unaffected by the opinions of others.

So lets look at the good and bad of Logan’s Social Development

Never has his feelings hurt
Rarely experiences disappointment from the actions of others
Does not worry how others will view his physical appearance yet still grooms to the “T”,
Has no concept of age or gender appropriateness when self-entertaining
Does not compete with others for territory, or personal gain
He is never mean to others and very curious or concerned of unkind actions (alien concept)
He only want necessities and a few luxuries for entertainment
Not impressed with high-value items
Won’t eat sweats, soda, and loves fruits, veggies and things that are healthy
Has no need to be liked or accepted by his peers
Never gets embarrassed
Never gets humiliated
Never gets depressed and rarely gets sad
His day is driven by desire less the social acceptance part (wow! sign me up)


Spends more time by himself than most children and self-entertains more than others
He may not realize as quickly as others that someone wishes to hurt him
He may miss out on, or not get as deep into traditional human relationships as we know them.

Get the idea?

Why is Logan’s “development” considered to be “retarded”? I now see it as “evolved” or more suited for long term survival due to the lack of stress he experiences in comparison to others.

This is not ideal for a society who basis everything on social interaction and relationships but that does not make it “retarded”. what it means is that he is different.

He may very well be what we will be like in the future or an amplified version of what we might turn into through natural selection and human evolution.

Logan, and other Autistic people may possess the personality traits necessary to survive far into a existence we can not yet imagine. He may be what humanity looks like in 200 or 500 years.

Logan’s personality is not prone to greed, violence, or the need to put ones self on a pedestal above his peers.

His personality is prone to kindness, solemness, solitude, individuality, minimalism etc.

I think Logan’s social development is not retarded, but rather “different” and his brains development process has simply carved different neuropathways in comparison to other, non-autistic people. He may not have a syndrome at all, and what we are seeing with Autism cases being on the rise, is the beginning of a new direction for the human species.

Logan, through therapy (I guess, but maybe not) has now acquired enough empathetic traits to keep him out of trouble, he knows when others are hurt, he desires to help those in need, and he needs to know why you are happy, or why you are sad, or crying – but he needs to know for slightly different reasons.

He needs to know because he is not comfortable with images or situations that do not make sense to him or that he has yet to have any personal logic to apply.

He is driven by a need for logic, not social acceptance. You may want to learn something so you can become a pro, make money, be famous.

But Logan needs to learn to keep his thoughts organized, keep his brain tidy and efficient. Interesting concept to say the least.

I say these things not because I have researched these things in a laboratory, I say then because it is what I see and how I interpret them.

Some of my opinions or hypothesis may be self-serving or due to the need to justify my Son’s condition but I have been described as a very intelligent person who is open minded and very much grounded.

I will just come out and say it: “Autism may be a shift, or an element, of the natural selection process that is sculpting the evolution of humanity.

The personality traits and behavioral elements of an autistic person are more prone to survival, peace, discipline, and they lack elements prone to greed, excess, violence, and other adversities we attribute to the deterioration of our Global Society, and of our Planet.

There are many things we unknowingly teach our children that are sometimes wrong or just because we think they are a necessity, or because it’s acceptable. Sometimes we don’t realize we are teaching them these things at all and assume these things are part of human nature.

Living with Autism for over a decade I now know that many undesirable personality elements, attributed to Human Nature, are in fact taught by us passively such as being embarrassed, humiliated, and many personality traits regarding self-image, confidence, even some forms of anger, greed, vengeance, and equality.

We should all open up our minds to the concept of there being much more to our existence as human beings here on earth than we can even comprehend. My Son does things on a daily basis that just do not make sense, they defy the laws of physics, biology, science, and everything we have ever been taught.

So let’s discuss the steps you can take in order to minimize the impact of any adverse symptoms and traits brought upon your child due to his/her Autism.

There is a ton of information on the Internet and I have either read or wrote most of it. There are many new Autism “Treatment” Programs available online today and few have information I would consider useful.

Some of these programs and the methodologies of those who create them, will offend families dealing with autism by assuming that all of the associated elements of Autism, as it pertains to their child, family member or loved one, need to be reversed, fixed,or cured.

This could not be further from the truth and is a completely wrong way to approach the situation.

Autism, its symptoms, and the effects that they have on an individual who is within the spectrum, are a huge part of the person’s psychological make-up, physical stature, and overall personality.

If a diagnosis is made for an adolescent or anyone older than say 18 months, we will have somewhat of an idea of what the Person’s Strengths and Weaknesses are, or might be. If the diagnosis is that of a very young person say a 10 month old baby, we can look to historic trends that tell us what their strengths and weaknesses are most likely to be (within reason of course). Then, in either case, with these strengths and weaknesses in mind, we can ultimately begin to do two things.

First, We need to look very closely and carefully as to what elements or symptoms of Autism adversely affect this person and their family, and then create a strategy to minimize, reverse, or eliminate these effects. Professional help here is essential to achieve desired results, as you will see a little further along in this article we will talk about diet and how it can be the primary factor and how we can use diet as our primary weapon of choice for fighting the adverse effects of Autism. Diet is something that you do not need a ton of money or insurance to implement and once you know what to use and what to avoid is something you can pretty much do without the assistance of a professional and in the comfort of your home. This makes diet your number one tool period, even above behavioral therapy although both would be ultimately desired.

Second, and even more importantly, we all need to understand the “other side” of this syndrome, which effects those with  Autism in a positive way.

These are the elements or the symptoms that actually enhance that person’s life, compliment their personality, and have a positive effect upon those around them.

What is your child’s “super-power”? Does he or she have a photographic memory, does he or she have an ability to compose music or play instruments without instruction, are they a mathematics wiz or some sort of an amazing artist?

This is the fun, exciting, and amazing discovery part of you and your child’s journey. Most all Autistic children utilize a portion of their brain more than the other portions.

Depending on the physical location of your child’s Neuropath Super-Highway, they might have one of many extraordinary talents or skills.

It is up to you to spot it and focus in on it early on so as to develop it as quickly as possible and so it overshadows an adverse elements that have come along for the ride.

Few will argue that there are certainly some very adverse symptoms caused by Autism that we would wish to reverse or minimize, but they are far overshadowed (IMHO) by the wonder and enlightenment brought by the “other side” of the disorder which is largely misunderstood by the general population.

For over a decade I have made my living by uncovering the truths and myths of the Internet. I have revealed the secret methods of many millionaire online entrepreneurs and exposed the scams of dozens of online con artists. Among all of the investigations I end up reviewing all types of Informational Products, Programs, Memberships, and Online Services.

When I write about my experiences, I expend a great deal of energy in covering every important detail in an effort to create high-value content, build trust among readers, and most importantly, I try to keep the relationship value-scale tipped in the direction of the readers.

I need to be sure that you (they) are getting much more out of the relationship than I do – it is a business model for success and few achieve this. I have largely avoided the subject matter of Autism in the past , partly due to myself being a parent of an Autistic Child, and partly due to the excuse that I was keeping my personal and private matters separate from the dialogue here on

That all changed about a year ago when the Asheville Citizen Times did a 3 part feature story about the effects of being homeless and the impact this is has on very young people.

As a part of the investigative journalism, the Times sent 2 star reporters, Erin Bretenaur and Casey Blake to spend time and follow me and my family for almost a year, as we ourselves struggled with many adversities.  This included, among many other tragic circumstances following the untimely death of my wife, Dana, the stigma of being homeless.

Or in our case, the status of being “doubled up” in another families home after we were evicted from our home due to a long battle of financial hardship. Our hardship ensued when we found ourselves unable to maintain a stable lifestyle due to me being fired from my job shortly after the death of my wife.

Often when a head-of-household family member dies young or unexpectedly, the family will suffer a snowball or ripple effect causing increased mental anguish, financial hardship, and a deepening downward spiral situation. In the course of a year or two we dealt with too many things for a Family with 3 very young children to deal with.

Sort;y before all of this occurred, we had it all, I was a successful technology executive with a Fortune 500 Corporation and on the job for well over a decade. I pulled in a nice 6 figure salary and put away money every month to ensure we had a financial cushion and to pay for my children’s education down the road.

We were wel prepared to face anything life could possibly throw at us.

Then when Dana passed away, and the downward spiral effect came into play, within 6 months, we were penniless, homeless, and had nothing on the horizon. I was suddenly acting as Mother and Father but had no idea how to be either one due to working 50 hours a week for the past 25 years and being basically a spectator to my Wife’s efforts in “running” our Family,

Then there was, among all the doom and gloom, my Autistic Son Logan – who absolutely suffered the most when his mother passed away.

I had always marveled at Dana’s abilities to take the bull by the horns and get that child everything he ever needed not to mention how she dedicated all of her time to all of the children’s needs.,

But I was in no way prepared for what I was about to discover regarding the monumental amount of time and dedication it took to keep this family a float, especially for Logan, his schooling and therapy, plus all of the extra attention it takes to just keep things at a survival level when you have a young Autistic Person in your home.

I can honestly say I have no idea how I got through it. We are now back on our feet but it took three years and we are far from out of the woods yet.

The children are of course all grown up in a sense that they had to step up and help Dad get everyone through all of this.

They are my rock, and Logan is the center of all of our lives. His brother and Sister are very loyal and dedicated siblings and a father could not ask for more wonderfull children. I am a very, very, blessed person and very grateful to any and all forces that held me up for the past 3 very hard years.

Well, once the Citizen Times articles hit the news-stands, I had nothing else to hide and no more excuses for not writing about one of the most important things in my life – Autism. I knew my experiences had to be of some use to others who felt alone in their dealing with Autism and I knew I could offer some words of strength to those who sometimes felt life in general was too hard, even hopeless.

The result of this is an amazing collection of people, resources, and information. I think you will find the following books, information, forums, and personal access to me and some other very knowledgeable professionals, to be of very high-value.

I think you will benefit highly from your time spent here and please feel free to contact me at anytime for anything at all, I am an open book and here for any of you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

AS I mentioned earlier, The Autism is Beautiful Forums are brand new as of March 2015 but we expect a great level of participation and knowledge to come about but we need your help to make it great and keep it free to all of you (I will cover all costs associated with the community resources, hosting, video storage etc as long as humanly possible).

We are offering you several E books free of charge as well as over 300 written articles that are in a searchable archive for your convenience and we hope you make it your personal knowledge-base




If you have read this far, chances are you have someone in your life who has Autism, and you are most likely very passionate about learning and understanding it for many reasons.

As I said earlier, there are many informational resources online and we have to be very careful as to which sources we consider to be an “Authority” on the subject. Some will believe Doctors and consider them as an Authority in any medical related subject matter due to their education and status. Others, due to bad, or less than desirable experiences, would not trust a doctor if you paid them handsomely.

I myself look for answers from the community, and from individuals within those communities who have first hand experience.

I look for those who have had success where I wish to succeed, and I look for those who face the same challenges I have or soon will face myself. 

That said there is some really extraordinary science going on with autism especially around nutrition and behavioral therapy.

A very good friend of mine Julie Damant, who has worked with Autistic Families for years and years, and who has documented her successes, failures, and everything in between, recently got in touch with me and shared with me her efforts to organize, combine and distribute all of her collective efforts regarding the work she has done with Autistic Children and Families.

When she shared this data, and her subsequent methodologies, I wanted to help her to package it and offer it in such a way that it would greatly serve Families who are Online and Researching Solutions for a better understanding of Autism AND help her to continue the personalized work she does with hundreds of children, families, and loved ones.

Since Julie did not have a lot of experience on the Internet, and I had an Autistic Child who was ready to make a big change to his diet and overall nutritional habits (something my Son’s Team never addressed), we were a perfect match for a collaborative project. What we have done is put the best of the best information, tutorials, and lessons, into a multi-part, email-distributed, E-Learning Course.

Anyone who wishes to receive the course can also take advantage of Julie’s expertise by scheduling personal online coaching sessions (if and when you need it).

I, of course am an open book as always and with all three of these resources at hand, you can not fail – we will not let you.

It is all about support, collaboration, understanding, tolerance, and patience. Julie and I both have a self-less desire to help others.

You can face, understand, and conquer all of your fears regarding Autism and become an important part of our collaboration project by joining our little community today.

Julie has allowed me to offer you free and exclusive access to a bunch of brand new data, content, and methodology studies she has done which have yielded phenomenal results in those who are facing adverse effects of Autism.

You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to do everything you can to further your own understanding of how to deal with this syndrome, leverage it’s positive elements, and minimize the adverse effects on all of those effected by it.

Please consider taking a look at what we are doing and how we can help you help everyone you know.

Julie has allowed me to offer my readers free and exclusive access to the Autism Bio-Medical Recovery Program Community E-mail list, free daily updates  Julie herself,  personal advice, access to coaching, and individual  through her advanced Autism Bio-medical Recovery Program.

Get started today, just enter your name and email address in the form below and we will take care of everything for you automatically – just check your email once a day, and contact either of us if you need anything at all. If you have time please answer the 2 optional form questions so we can create a better experience for you in the future.

Here is a little sample of the content Julie has put together in her brand-new Advanced Autism Bio-Medical Recovery Program.

“I started following some of the ARP methodologies just two weeks ago and my results have been phenomenal.”
– Shane Hopkins

Julie Damant's autism recovery Program

Julie Damant’s autism recovery Program

It’s a difficult place to be when you are handed an Autism diagnosis and told that there is little you can do to improve your child’s future. You feel guilty and isolated but very determined not to leave any stone unturned to help your child.

But then, as you do your research, you discover that kids around the world are recovering to various degrees using Biomedical Therapy. So what is this Biomedical Therapy? What does it involve and how do you get started?

Biomedical therapy is using therapies and approaches that are considered complementary by mainstream medicine, although there is a movement of Doctors around the world now embracing this approach. Therapies such as special diets, vitamin and mineral supplementation, addressing gut microbiome imbalances, immune imbalances and detoxifying the body of heavy metals and other toxins.

Ignore the Naysayers and look at what’s possible. It’s important to hold onto the vision of what’s possible for your child and not succumb to the controversy around the causes of Autism.  Naturally, people are skeptical about Biomedical Therapy, and will tell you not to waste your time, effort and money.

On the other hand there are many families out there who have experienced life changing results. These families are desperate to share their success and actually love to shout at the top of their lungs about Biomedical Therapy and what is possible.

There are pieces that are common to many children – as an example digestive issues are seen in 90% of children with Autism. Research also shows that kids with Autism have higher levels of heavy metals in their body than their neurotypical peers as well as inflammation and immune imbalances. Addressing digestive and immunity issues and starting the detoxification process really helps many kids.

You need to understand it’s not a quick fix and it will take effort, determination and persistence. Start now, don’t put it off until tomorrow.
Here are the 6 basic stages of biomedical therapy to get your child started on the road to recovery

The 6 basic steps are:

  1. Reduce the toxic load your child is experiencing
  2. Heal the digestive system
  3. Increase body nutrient levels
  4. Support metabolism and biochemistry
  5. Remove heavy metals and toxins
  6. Optimise long term health

Step 1 – Reduce the toxic load your child is experiencing.

Reducing the toxic load is the very first step in recovering your child.

Toxins come in many forms and we are exposed to them every day as part of living. Our body is designed to remove toxins – detoxification processes form a vital role in keeping us healthy. Toxins come from:

  • Products we use every day such as plastics, cleaners, detergents, personal care products, etc
  • Environmental toxins such as pollution, pesticides and many other chemicals

And, the biggest sources of toxins…

our food and our toxic gut.

So let me explain what I mean. Our modern day processed food is a nutritional disaster. As a society we expect our food to be super quick to prepare, to look perfect, to last forever and to tantalise our tastebuds with high levels of sugar, salt and savoury flavours.

But all this comes at a price, and that price is our health, longevity, well being and now, our children’s health.

Processed food is full of artificial additives (read chemicals) that the body sees as harmful. Our body handles them using its detoxification processes; they are not nutrients the body can use to grow and repair, or that can be used to make energy. These chemicals drive inflammation in the body and brain and also affect the balance of good bacteria in the gut.

Our gut bacteria are a living population that outnumber the cells in our body. They play a key role in the function of our body, producing nutrients and playing a role in the removal of chemicals from the body. Think about what we are feeding them – fresh clean food keeps them healthy, food laden with chemicals is likely to do harm resulting in death.

As the good guys die off, the bad guys move in and take over. Functions are lost. The gut becomes inflamed, the immune system is affected and toxic waste is generated that impacts brain function.

The Autistic brain is around 5% larger than ‘normal’ and research is suggesting that inflammation is responsible.

Food allergies and food sensitivities are a major contributor to a toxic, inflamed gut. I find a large number of kids have food sensitivities and removing the offending foods makes a massive difference to their focus, concentration, sleep and energy levels.

Autism diets also remove foods that have an opiate effect on the brain, so start by removing gluten, casein, soy and corn. You also need to remove artificial coloring’s, flavorings and preservatives.

In summary, the most important thing to do in step 1 is to reduce inflammation from a toxic inflamed gut. Start by cleaning up the diet. Remove artificial additives and start your child on an Autism diet.

OMG I have a changed Boy and its only been 1 week since we took a few specific foods out of his diet. He is now very calm, and for longer periods of time, a real pleasure to be around. I also noticed he has interacted better with others  and has more of a desire to do so……Wow!!! it is truly amazing!! Thank you Julie!

Tash, Perth Bogata Columbia

Join the Autism Recovery Program

Step 2 – Heal the digestive system

As we talked about in step 1, the digestive system is the biggest source of toxins our kids are exposed to and stopping this flow into the body is one of the first things to do. As the diet is being improved, we can start addressing the gut and begin healing.

Kids on the spectrum typically suffer from digestive discomfort, sometime severely. Did you know that head banging can be a sign of digestive pain?

Some of the symptoms I see are:

  • constipation
  • diarrhea
  • impacted feces
  • yellow, orange and pale stools
  • bloating and distension of the abdomen
  • stinky, stinky wind
  • poor digestion of food and uptake of nutrients
  • pain between the bottom of the rib cage and the navel – push gently in this area to see if your child is tender

There are 2 main terms to think about when we talk about gut healing:

  • leaky gut and
  • gut dysbiosis

Leaky gut is when there are gaps in the lining of the gut. These gaps allow contents of the gut to pass through into the bloodstream that normally stay in the gut. Things like proteins and toxic waste products produced by bad bugs. This leads to all sorts of confusion and errors in the way our body functions as well as driving inflammation.

Gut dysbiosis is when the balance of the good and the bad bacteria is disrupted, The degree of gut dysbiosis varies considerably from mild to severe and can take a considerable amount of time to rectify.

Addressing these 2 two main factors begins with a healing diet. Removing processed foods and replacing them with nutritious healing foods that gut bacteria love is key. Changing the internal terrain combined with targeted anti-microbial herbs and supplements heals the gut and brings it back into balance.

“But my child is such a picky eater, he’ll never eat these kinds of foods” Yes, many kids on the spectrum are picky eaters and many families have been exactly where you are now. And yes, it will require time, effort, patience, love and determination, but it can be done. Don’t let it stop you from recovering your child.

Julie, You are an amazing lady and I value what you have given us more than you will ever know. Norm and I both agree that our new found understanding of food and all that goes with it is something that has already changed our lives and will only bring quality into our lives further as we go. Thank you so much for giving us this Julie.

Jo, Brisbane

Join the Autism Recovery Program

Continue on to Step 3,4,5, and 6 click here 

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